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Share the Love! It’s Good for Your Health

February is the season of love! It’s time for cozy date nights, fun Valentine’s Day gift exchanges, and heart-shaped everything (including our Triple Chocolates). And whether or not you’re a fan of this romantic holiday, there’s

Why You Should Stop Late-Night Snacking

Do you find yourself reaching for your favorite snack every time you open your go-to streaming app? You’re not alone. According to our research, as many as 90% of Americans snack outside of mealtimes every single

5 Ways Scrolling is Ruining Your Sleep

We manage so many of our daily wants and needs through our smartphones; they’re our everything. With all of our favorite shows, games, memes, music, news, podcasts, and other important apps available 24/7, it’s tempting to

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting was one of the most popular diets of 2022,1 and it’s still going strong in 2023. You may be wondering what it is and why so many people are talking about it. We’re here

Image of person stretching back.

Your Back is the Backbone to Better Health

Your Back is the Backbone to Better Health. Discover the vital importance of a healthy back in achieving overall well-being. We provide 10 invaluable tips for maintaining a strong back, from maintaining good posture to practicing stress management.

Build a Better Sleep Routine in 5 Easy Steps

Recently, we learned about all the amazing things sleep does for the body, and what happens when we don’t get enough zzz’s. With a time change and long winter nights on the way, it’s a good

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