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The Magic of the Mycelium

Ancient Origins Mushrooms have been used medicinally for many years by cultures around the world to help treat a variety of conditions. Though we most often associate ancient Chinese medicine with medical mushrooms, many other ancient

The Unexpected Benefits of Vitamin D

Feeling a sudden burst of energy and happiness as the good weather rolls in? Us too! You can thank the sun for that extra pep in your step. Every winter, when we’re tucked away under the

A 5 Step Guide to Detoxing, The Youngevity Way

With spring cleaning so recently at the top of our minds (and to-do lists), you may be considering ways to cleanse your body too. Grab your body scrub, TrueDetox TeaTM, and gather ‘round. Today we’re talking

butter in a hot frying pan

Don’t Be Scared of Butter!

When it comes to maintaining overall health and weight, you’ve probably heard that less fat is better for you. That being said, you may have seen our Good Food vs. Bad Food list and wondered how

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