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Posted: October 1, 2019 | By: Lisa E

Heritage Makers is more than a company that preserves family photos and stories. Heritage Makers is a group of people.

These people are unique.

There are only a few of these people in every family.

They are the memory preservers! They are often found behind the camera instead of in front of it. They are thoughtful, patient, and often creative people who take notice. They are people I enjoy and I am glad that I get to associate with these kinds of people in my business of Heritage Makers.

To illustrate this I want to share an example of Kristi.

I recently asked my cousin Kristi about the first book she made with Heritage Makers. She told me it was a book for her grandmother. She collected her grandmother’s favorite photos and her simple life stories. She said that it was one of the first books that we printed back in the day when we were working out of my garage and the process was NOT easy and wonderful like it is now! This was 18 years ago!

Think dial up internet!

Kristi said that her grandmother was slowly losing her memory to a disease and her grandmother kept that book Kristi made her by her side. She would look at it everyday so she wouldn’t forget.

Kristi is a Heritage Maker.

She knew her grandmother was struggling to remember so she stepped in and made her a book to help ease her distress over losing her memory.

She knew it would take a little time to gather her grandmother’s favorite photos and stories. She didn’t expect it to be quick. She valued the process of selecting each of the photos and asking her grandmother the questions about her life. (The experience can be just as rich as the product we offer with Heritage Makers!)

Kristi completed the book and presented it to her grandmother with love.

Kristi showed gratitude for her heritage and her grandmother by preserving her precious story in that book.

Kristi will never regret the time it took to make that first book.

Kristi is now a grandmother too. She is making books about her grand babies now as well as her family’s trips and traditions.

Kristi is a Heritage Makers Club member and has been since she made that very first book. She, like so many others, sees value in her memory keeping so she invests in it. Heritage Makers is the way she preserves those precious photos and stories that can be re-lived again and again.

The best thing is that Kristi doesn’t pay anything to capture all her memories in books and canvases, etc. Heritage Makers became her business. It is a business with a lot of heart that you can do from home and all you need is a computer. Kristi and others in the USA and Canada make a very nice income from simply sharing Heritage Makers with others.

She is a Heritage Maker. If you think you are one too, simply contact the person who shared this article with you and join us! It’s a fun group to associate with and the best thing that could happen is you create a book like Kristi did and maybe even do it as a side gig and make extra money for your family.

Click here if you want to consider Heritage Makers as a side gig. This is a 9 minute presentation to give you a little idea of what we are all about at Heritage Makers.

– Candi May, Heritage Makers Brand Ambassador

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