April Kickoff: Let’s Do This!

Posted: April 2, 2020 | By: Rocio Ramos

Let’s Make April Momentous!

The month of April is an incredible opportunity for our community to come together! This month we want to share products that support a healthy home, mind, and body; from the immune system to personal care to sleep support. Plus, we have promotions to grow your business and tips to help you work from home.

Join the Better Health Challenge

This month, Youngevity CEO, Steve Wallach, wants to help Youngevity nation stay healthy! Focus on creating a healthier body, positive mindset and a more organized, stress-free environment. Additionally, stay engaged in your health by joining the Better Health Challenge. A new cycle is starting now and what better way to stay motivated than with Facebook Lives and an engaging community.

Boost Your Health with Double Rewards Product

Nutritional Coach, Sanjeev Javia, and Youngevity COO, Michelle Wallach, have incredible products to share on Double Rewards! In April, we’re focusing on boosting your immune system, mental health, and creating a healthy environment. Use your Youngevity Go2App to the share products, try the products yourself, and reach out to others.

Products featured this month include:

Seasonal Immune Support Pak – includes 5 of the most powerful nutrients for immune support.

Ultimate Vitamin D3 – powerful immune support that we’re most deficient in.

Ultimate Collodial Silver Plus – supports skin health and boosts immune system

LiverPure – a detoxing system to support health of the liver – the body’s most primary cleansing organ

True2Life TrueDetox Tea – detox while providing calming and cleansing support.

Hemp FX® Relax – support healthy sleep and a calm mind.

i26 – improves gut health to help strengthen the immune system

Ultimate Microbiome – includes probiotics, enzymes, fiber, and i26 hyperimmune egg powder for powerful gut and immune support.

Jamberry – treat yourself to Easter Nails or nail treatment at home!

Nature Direct Cleaning Bundle – 100% Organically-sourced ingredients, free from toxic chemicals that includes our Super Strength Concentrate.

Green Mandarin & Oregano Essential Oils – 100% pure essential oils, produced with highest standard of quality and safety with powerful cleansing agents and soothing support.

National Pet Day Bundles – Clean Dog Bundle includes Dog B-Clean and Breath B-Clean; Clean Cat Bundle includes Cat B-Clean and Odor B-Gone.

Makeup Bundles – our Overindulge and Be Bliss bundles include Jamberry nail and lip products and Youngevity personal care products.

Join Team Challenge

Team Challenge is back in April and registration is now open! Sean Brown shares all the important details on this promotion that only comes around two times a year.Teams should have 4 to 5 members; each person must register 3 new customers or distributors and each one must have a combined total QV of 300 in April. To get all the details and rules, visit promotions.youngevity.com.

And, the Plus One Promotion is  coming back this month! Bring in new customers and keep them engaged. Get more details at promotions.youngevity.com.

Tips on Working From Home

While staying home may feel like a strain, this can actually be a great opportunity to grow your business. VP of Sales, Stacy Sova, shares some tips on how to boost your business while working from home.

  • Reach Out to others – be genuine, be loving, be concerned, and ask questions.
  • Utilize Youngevity Rewards – your customers are earning points and points = free product.
  • Get Social – be inviting, be personal, be truthful, and be authentic.

Remember to work on staying healthy, eating well, exercising, being social, getting plenty of rest, and spreading some laughter.