Make Fitness a Family Affair

Posted: April 6, 2018 | By: Rocio Ramos

Fitness starts at an early age

Children are incredibly smart. They learn very quickly from observing and following a parent, teacher, babysitter or older sibling. And so, when they’re exposed to exercise at a young age, even as a toddler, it’s very likely that they’ll want to follow suit. There is truly nothing holding a child back from being physically active once they begin to crawl and move around more. By involving your children in your exercise routines at a young age, they will see fitness as a part of everyday life and be more motivated to stay physically active the rest of their lives.

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Let Your Toddler Watch You Workout

While a 24-Hour Fitness may not be ok with toddlers hanging out in a stroller, smaller gyms like CrossFit gyms are open to having kids around in play pens, strollers, or lying around in their blankets. You can work out while they admire their mom or dad lifting some weights. At home, you can do the same. Instead of waiting for your baby to take a nap, let them hang out while you put on a workout DVD or any other at-home exercise routine. Then once they’re up and walking, they’ll want to join in on the fun!

Take them on a run

Have you ever done a 5K or half marathon and had a child run past you? While it can be a little discouraging to the 35-year-old getting passed by an 8-year-old, it can also be motivating to a parent looking to get their kids more active. Kids love running! If you’re trying to get in shape, your kids make great running partners once they’re out of their diapers. Don’t underestimate their endurance when you go out on your next jog. Plus, taking them on a run or long walk with you will mean they’ll be ready for a nap in the afternoon and be better sleepers in the evening.

Go on hikes

The best way to raise a fearless explorer is to expose them to nature. Hikes are full of wildlife and beautiful plants that make great learning experiences. Not only do you get a great workout from going up some hills, but your children will also have some fun! Everyone wins when you go on a hike.

Remember, fitness is essential to your health

The thing about being physically active, is that there are countless health benefits that come along with it. Not only will you be stronger, less stressed, and more energized, but so will your children. Children who are more physically active tend to do better in school, sleep better, and have better self-esteem. With optimal nutrition from Youngevity, including some Rebound FX™ for active kids and adults, and a fitness plan you and your kids,  your entire family we experience incredible benefits for a long and healthy life.

Remember, prevention is the key to an overall healthy lifestyle!

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