Make the Most of Summer Weekends

Posted: August 29, 2022 | By: Stacy Croninger

In the United States, we’re getting ready to celebrate Labor Day, which is celebrated the first Monday in September. Whether you are looking for tips for making the most of Labor Day or for a day filled with outside activities, these ideas may help. Plus, we’re throwing in a few ideas of ways to fill those summer hours that are slowly slipping away as well.

Activity Ideas

These ideas can be done any time you are looking for a fun activity. Some may require a little planning, while others can be done at the spur of the moment. These ideas are compliments of Country Living, but a quick search on the internet will find a plethora of ideas.

  • Take a road trip. This is a fun idea for those longer weekends, like Labor Day.
  • Go on a bike road. Take this time to explore new areas or tour your neighborhood.
  • Turn your backyard into a movie theater. Pull out a few pillows and blankets, set up a screen (white sheets work well), and project a movie or bring out a big screen. Of course, snacks will be needed too.
  • Have a backyard game tournament. You can create giant checkers or chess boards on the grass, play cornhole, have an obstacle course, and more. Channel your inner child when you plan the games to play.
  • Have a BBQ. Whether you have a theme, like deluxe hot dogs or a pot luck, take advantage of your BBQ and cook up a delicious meal.
  • Camp in your back yard. Pitch a tent, pile up the blankets, and have a night of looking at the stars, telling ghost stories, and loads of giggles.
  • Hold a read-a-thon. Everyone grab their favorite book, plan fun snacks, create comfortable spots to read in, and settle in.

Food and Hydration

Most celebrations and activities involve food, so here are a few ideas for things you can make for your outdoor activities, that use our amazing Saveur spices.

For hydration, water is your best option. If you’re out in the sun and/or heat, make sure you drink more water than you usually do. If you want to step up your water with nutrients, electrolytes, and more, try ElectroFuel, Rebound, Pollen Burst, or one of the other drink options Youngevity offers. An added bonus, many of these are in stick packs so you can take them on the go with you.

Have fun!

No matter what you are doing, make sure you are having fun. To do this, you may need to make sure you are getting enough sleep (those backyard campouts are not the most restful). Take a power nap if you need a quick pick-me-up.

Keep your body happy by having as many meals as possible that meet your body’s nutrient needs. By all means, enjoy some fun foods, but remember to balance it out with fruits, veggies, and other foods that feed your body.

Finally, be in the moment. Don’t stress about what you’re doing next or if everyone is having fun. Enjoy the relationships, the activities, the food, and the change of pace. Take those mental pictures so you can recall the moment later. Stop and take a few deep breaths, if you need to reset. These are the moments that make life amazing.

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