• Fall 2017 Collections

Oh, The Pretty Possibilities

This season, fall for beautiful gold, silver, and sparkling collections from Mialisia. From bold geometric shapes to modern mixed metals, there’s a fresh, on-trend style for every taste.

Uniquely You

01. Geometric Collection

Be fashionable from every angle. Gold and silver shapes shine as earrings, a locket, charms, and more.

  • Arrows Classic Silver/Gold
  • Trapezium Earrings
  • Trapezium Locket
  • Locket Shapes 3pk
  • Geometric Expression

02. Leather Collection

Make your mark. Black leather and bright silver accents add a feminine touch that’s a little rough around the edges.

  • Stephanie Hoops
  • Fringe Silver
  • Feather Droplet
  • Leather Wrap Necklace
  • Tree of Life Oil Diffuser Bracelet with Triple Wrap
  • Leather Feather Earring

03. Golden Sparkle

Find your glow. Create a look that suits your mood – get glam or keep it casual with lovely gold jewelry.

  • Locket Flecks Gold
  • Gold Diamond Dust Bangle
  • Evie Gold
  • Golden Sparkle Earrings
  • Gold Rectangle Locket
  • Golden Sparkle Wrap Necklace

04. Modern Metal Collection

Mix things up. Contemporary mixed metals meet vintage-inspired pieces for instantly classic looks.

  • Medium Silver Locket
  • Champagne Shimmer
  • Modern Metal Earring
  • Inspire Medium Gold Coin
  • Modern Metal Expression
  • Vintage Charm Bangle
  • Bangle Charms
    • Silver Heart Lock Droplet
    • Graphite Key Droplet
    • Gold Key Droplet
    • I Love You Bangle Charm
    • Gold Flower Droplet

05. Jewel Collection

Color outside of the lines. Rich, colorful teardrops meet mellow gold jewelry for ultra-wearable pieces that pop.

  • Jewel Classic
  • Jewel Drop Earrings
  • Locket Jewels 5pk
  • Gold Teardrop Expression
  • Gold Teardrop Locket

06. Infinity Collection

Celebrate your infinite worth with sleek silver lockets, charms, earrings and VersaStyle pieces.

  • Infinity Stud Earring
  • Infinity Locket
  • Crystal Locket Cuff LG
  • Crystal Locket Cuff SM
  • Victoria Silver
  • Infinity Cuff
  • Crystal Heart Charm
  • Silver Wedding Ring Charm
  • April Birthstone Charm

07. Charms & Lockets

Live a charmed life. Fill your favorite locket with charms to tell your story and share the things you love.

  • Daffodil Charm
  • Dancer Charm
  • Ballet Shoes Charm
  • Giraffe Charm
  • Horse Heart Charm
  • Fairy Charm
  • Unicorn Charm
  • Mermaid Charm
  • Passport Charm
  • Cat Charm

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