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This summer, focus on fitness to help yourself feel great! For added benefits, give yourself the energy, nutrients, and muscle & joint relief you need to succeed.

We’re bringing back some of our most popular Swap Where You Shop bundles this month – Snag your favorites between now and Monday, July 31st!

Between now and July 31st, you can save on products for yourself or earn direct cash back rewards when you reach out and sell to others.

Swap Where You Shop

We’re offering a limited time bundle for distributors and customers alike. This bundle can help you save on the products you love! Plus, you’ll earn direct cash back as a reward when you reach out and sell bundles to your personally enrolled downline and customers.

Here’s how the cash back rewards work:

Bundles Sold Reward Per Bundle Sold Total Cash Reward
1 $15 $15
2 $15 $30
3 $15 $45
4 $15 $60
5 $30 $150
6+ $30 $180+

But don’t keep all this to yourself – tell some friends!

As an enrolling distributor, for the first four bundles purchased by your personally enrolled downline, preferred customers, or new enrollees (including bundles purchased by your directly enrolled distributors), you’ll get $15 each in direct cash back. That’s $60 in cash rewards for four sales. When you sell a fifth bundle, not only will we raise the cash back amount to $30 each, we’ll apply it to the first four bundles as well. So the $60 you earned for four sales becomes $120, plus an additional $30 for the fifth sale. That’s a total of $150 in cash back rewards for five sales, and with each additional sale, you’ll receive an additional $30.

Don’t wait: this exclusive offer is good only through MONDAY, July 31st!

Check Out The Bundles
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Why you’ll LOVE The Inspired By Summer bundle:

Whether you live an active lifestyle or are just getting started, these energy-packed products and powerful bone and joint supporting supplements are the perfect workout partners.

Plus, this new bundle includes favorites from 2 members of our Athletic Advisory Board who know a thing or two about pain and gain:

  • Ultimate CM Cream – A favorite of former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and one of NFL’s greatest, Drew Pearson!
  • Rebound fx™ – A go-to post-workout drink favorite of Theo Ratliff, one of the NBA’s premier shot-blockers.

Here’s how you can use this great bundle to take your business (and your workout!) to the next level:

  • Learn: Check out our blog post to learn how easy it is to accomplish your goals this summer!
  • Experience: Our Inspired by Summer bundle is an affordable and health-conscious opportunity for you to try our popular energy and nutritional products.
  • Teach: Help others to swap where they shop! Use your positive experience to show others how easy and fun getting fit can be.

Inspired By Summer

$190.71 retail value for just $99

Whether you need energy for your workout, support for your joints, or muscle-soothing relief, get an extra boost from the incredible products in this bundle, which includes:

  • $ 99 W/S
  • 25 BV
  • 100 QV

SKU# USYG201717

Buy Now

More Great Bundles To Choose From Below

Immunity Booster

$183.55 retail value for just $99

Don’t let a summer cold take over – These products are made with powerful vitamins and nutrients to help your body feel its best. Fortified with powerful vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts, the Immunity Booster bundle may help to supplement your immune system. Get five of our most popular nutritional supplements for one great price!*

  • $ 99 W/S
  • 25 BV
  • 100 QV

SKU# USYG201704

Buy Now

Inspired by Earth

$256.79 retail value for just $99

Nourish, cleanse and grow this summer with a variety of natural products for your home and health. Enjoy the benefits of organic, fair trade coffee, natural cleaners, mineral-infused gardening supplies, and more.

  • $ 99 W/S
  • 25 BV
  • 100 QV

SKU# USYG201712

Buy Now

Winter Warmth

$154.77 retail value for just $99

When the sun goes down, the nights can get chilly. Treat yourself to a delicious dinner with great comfort foods. Get cozy with deliciously healthy comfort foods! From rich, organic dark roast coffee to hearty soups, this bundle offers a satisfying selection of mouthwatering meals, drinks and sweet treats.

  • $ 99 W/S
  • 25 BV
  • 100 QV

SKU# USYG201703

Buy Now

Sport Pak

For New Zealand and Australia

Our Sport Pak is back for July Swap Where You Shop! Whether you need energy for your workout, support for your joints, or muscle-soothing relief, get an extra boost from the incredible products in this bundle, which includes:

  • A.C.T.™ Energy On-The-Go Stick Packs – 30 ct. Box
  • Ultimate CM Cream™ (Paraben-Free) – 2 oz. Jar
  • Ultimate Gluco-Gel™ – 120 Cap
  • Rebound fx™ Citrus Punch Powder – 360 g. Canister

NZ SKU# NZYG201703

  • $ 140 W/S
  • 25 BV
  • 100 QV
Buy Now (NZ)

AU SKU# NZYG201703

  • $ 134 W/S
  • 25 BV
  • 100 QV
Buy Now (AU)
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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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