MARZO 2016

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1. Virtual Kickoff: March 2016

Welcome to the Virtual Meeting
for March 2016.

2. Raymond & Yolanda Brown – How To Introduce Your Business

Establishing your ‘why’ can motivate you and help you introduce your Youngevity business to others.  Let leaders Raymond and Yolanda Brown show you the fundamentals to approaching others.

3. Scott Fardulis – Concepts for Better Mindset

Networking guru Scott Fardulis will help you get your mindset right for phenomenal growth. Are you thinking big enough? This training will help you accomplish anything you set your mind to.

4.  Lisa & Zvone Vodnik – Benefits of International Business

What are the benefits of developing your Youngevity business internationally? In this clip, world travelers and international networking experts Zvone Vodnik and Lisa Lane give you advice you can take to the world, literally.

5. Dr. Luis – 9 Steps for great meeting conduct

What are the key elements to a successful meeting conduct? The Arriaza’s teach you the nine key factors to take your business to the next level using events.

6. Wendy McGee – How to Stay Focused

Staying focused can be the difference between the successful and unsuccessful. Wendy McGee is passionate about helping people make that difference. Learn how to stay focused on success with this training.

7. David Rutz – Up-Line Referral Conversation

How can you use the power of teamwork to land those key prospects? The upline referral conversation. In this video, accomplished entrepreneur and networker David Rutz shares his secrets to growing and fortifying your business.

8. Leiann King – How To Grow Your Business With Essential Oils

Do you know what Youngevity’s Essential Oils can do for you and your prospects? Do you know how they can help you grow your business? Leiann King is here to explain how you can use this amazing line of products to add to your bottom line.

9. Dr. Luis – The Power of Edification

Want to be better at inviting, prospecting, and closing? There is nothing as compelling as genuine edification. Let these two great leaders share their expertise with you so you can tap into more influence and better results.

10. Carmen Osuna – El Poder de Edificar

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11. Maria Roybal – 9 Pasos a una Reunion Exitosa

¿Cuáles son los elementos claves para conducir una junta exitosa? María Roybal te enseñará los nueve factores clave que llevarán a tu negocio al siguiente nivel a través de los eventos.

12. Youngevity Virtual Kickoff: March 2016 – All Segments

Youngevity Virtual Kickoff
March 2016 – All Segments