Every day, our engaged and dedicated Youngevity associates are sharing the message of betterment and working to fulfill their dreams. More than anything we love to celebrate your success! This is the space where each month we highlight the stars that shine the brightest—from our newest achievers to our annual award winners.


Everything you need to know about our recognition program is found right here! Find the latest recognition and achievements, learn how to be recognized, and find social media graphics YOU can use to acknowledge people on your team for a job well done!


Our Youngevity family is diverse and always engaged in making a difference. We love to celebrate the amazing things you are doing. This is where we put a spotlight on the stars that shine the brightest.

Monthly rank up

Setting your sites on advancing through the ranks is the best way for you to keep your Youngevity business healthy and growing.  As you work to achieve new ranks, you will expand your knowledge, experience personal growth, and develop valuable leadership skills. Let the momentum from advancing ranks carry you to the highest levels of leadership and give you access to the generous rewards that Youngevity offers.


At Youngevity, we take great pride in knowing that our Youngevity family is full of people with amazing skills, fortitude, enthusiasm, and good hearts. Our exclusive Youngevity Awards are carefully selected to honor Associates for their special contributions and commitment.

check out our training on compensation plan

Having an accurate understanding of Youngevity’s generous compensation plan will help you determine your strategy for success in advancing through the leadership ranks. Find comprehensive training videos by the button below.


Each month, usually around the 15th , we post a monthly recognition blog for accomplishments that took place the prior month.  Recognition is also posted on the Official Youngevity private group Facebook page.

There are multiple ways to get recognized for your accomplishments in Youngevity from rank advancing to monthly promotions.  You can find all the opportunities under our Recognition Categories section.

You can find fabulous, customizable recognition graphics here. You can also upload a YGY shout out video here.