As you click and shop around, we hope the experience is easy to use and understand.  But since it’s  new experience to many, we’ve created this page to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions that have come in about the website.

  • What URL is the website on?

    The new website is at

    The new resource center is still at  This new resource center is now separate from the main website, which will give us additional flexibility going forward.

    Both of these sites will be running in parallel to and your Business Center (AKA Back Office).


    Autoship within is all new and may take a little getting used to.  Check out the how-to videos below to learn how to use this Autoship experience:

    How to set up an Autoship

    How to add a product to your Autoship

    How to remove an item from Autoship

    How to manage your Autoship profile(s) and how to switch to a different profile

    Not into’s new Autoship management experience?  No problem.  You can continue to manage autoship as you previously did:

    1. Through Autoship on the BuyYGY legacy site, which is still in operation
    2. By Locating Autoship in Your back office, or “Business Center.”
    3. By calling customer service: 1 (800) 982-3197

    How to cancel your autoship:

    1. Download the Autoship Order Form
    2. Print and fill out the form, or use a PDF editor to fill in the fields digitally
    3. Mark the box on the top-right that says, “Cancel AutoShip”
    4. When complete, send the form to our Customer Service dept, either by email, fax, in-person.

    Here is a video that shows you how to find this form and cancel your autoship:

  • How do I use the EVENTS CALENDAR on the Resource Center (

    Below is a video that shows you how to sign in on the resource center to Add, Edit, Publish, and Unpublish Events on Events Calendar.  The video is 9 min.

  • How do I sign up a new Preferred Customer (not a distributor) on the website?

    Signing up a Preferred Customers is now as easy as shopping.  Once items are placed in the cart, the user will have the opportunity to check out as a retail customer, or choose to sign up as a Preferred Customer.  By Signing up as a Preferred Customer during checkout, the customer will get wholesale pricing on their current purchase, and future purchases, as long as they’re logged in.

    If this Customer is  shopping on your replicated site, everything is automatically tied to your genealogy and commissions payout. The same is true for retail customers who do not want to create an account, the sale will nevertheless credit to you.

    If the customer is shopping on the corporate site, we ask them to provide us with the name or Distributor ID of the Distributor who referred them to Youngevity.

    Below are some walk-through videos that help to explain this experience:

    Corporate (non-replicated site):

    Replicated site: 

  • How do I enroll a new Distributor on

    Enrolling a new Distributor is a multi-step process that begins with capturing a user’s account information, then connecting with sponsor, then choosing enrollment package, and finally selecting shipping & billing methods.  Don’t worry, the user will have a chance to review all the information they’ve input before they confirm their purchase.  Once it looks good, the user can confirm the info and place their order.

    Below are some walk-through videos that help to explain this experience:

    Non-Replicated Site, Enroll as new Distributor – 7 min:

    Replicated Site, Enroll as new Distributor – 10 min:

  • I'm not in the United States. Can I shop on this site?

    Currently, this site was developed to make shopping & shipping to the United States safe, easy, and secure.  We do have plans to roll out this new experience to other countries as well, but at this time, we can only accommodate shipping to the US.

    Our next step is to expand  our address verification module to service Canada from this US site, which will allow us to ship products from any of our US Distribution Centers to our Canadian Customers. This will be our top priority in the next few weeks (as of 1/3/2018).

    Apart from Canada, our plan is to quickly roll-out new “store views” or stand-alone sites to service other countries, starting with Australia/New Zealand and Mexico.

    These international sites will be localized to the specific markets they serve, with integrations to local payment gateways, banking facilities, postal/package delivery providers, and third-party logistics and warehouse service providers.

    Again, the goal is to make shopping as safe, easy, and secure as possible.

  • What can I expect from the search feature on

    We have integrated a software called “Celebros” for search. On-site search is now more predictive, contextual and with time will become increasingly accurate as site traffic increases.  NOTE: If you’re search term does NOT return the results you would expect, please let us know in the form below, and we should be able to manually update the search for that term, based on your expectations.

  • Can I use my existing Freedom username or YGY ID to login on this new site?

    Yes!  Distributors & Preferred Customers can use either their existing Freedom Username OR YGY_ID# (along with their existing Freedom password). However, in order for your replicated version of to work, you must have a username that is at least 6 characters long. If you do not wish to update your username, you will have to use your YGY_ID#.

  • What if my password doesn't seem to be working?

    The main reason for a correct password to receive an error, or be unable to log you in, is that this new system validates all Distributor & Preferred Customer credentials against Freedom, but this new system also requires passwords of 6-characters or more.  This is for security purposes.  Therefore, if an existing Distributor/Preferred Customer password is not at least 6-characters in length, that user will not be able to login to the new system until their password is updated in Freedom to have 6 or more characters. If this is the case for you, you have three options:

    1. Login to Freedom directly to update your password
    2. Call customer service and have them update your password
    3. Use the password reset function on

    If you opt for option 3, you will be asked to verify the following information before you’re able to update your password:

    • Username
    • Billing Zip Code
    • Join Year OR Sponsor‘s Youngevity ID Number

    Lastly, if you are going to reset your password, note that only letters [uppercase and lowercase; A, B, C… (and a, b, c…)] and numbers [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] may be used. Symbols and special characters [` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + – = { } | [ ] \ : ” ; ‘ < > ? , . /] are not allowed.

    As always, let us know if you have questions/concerns through the feedback box on the bottom right of the website.

  • What is address verification and why does it matter?

    The new system features an address verification system (AVS). This system will auto-suggest valid shipping addresses – including 9-digit zip (or “Zip+4”) codes, which are more accurate than 5 digit zip codes.  This will help us in two ways: it’ll help us understand exactly where the address is so that increases the probability of shipping to the right address, the first time.  It also enables us to charge a more accurate sales tax, based upon where the product is shipping.

    NOTE: If 9-digit zip codes aren’t entered for Shipping Addresses, error messages will begin to display on the Dashboard.

  • Do I need to worry about specifics about passwords, usernames, or shipping addresses if I'm a new Distributor or Customer?

    Nope, not at all.  The above items are automatically handled for all new Distributors who Join via the new system, and Retail Customers who shop, checkout and/or upgrade to Preferred Customers via this new website.

  • I just want to be a Customer, not a Distributor. How do I do this?

    If you would just like to become a customer, you can simply shop on any of the sites (Corporate or Replicated).  If you would like to become a Preferred Customer, all you have to do (during the check-out process) is opt-in by registering a username and password as part of the check-out process. Nothing more is required.

  • How do I check out my replicated site?

    All replicated site URLs are prefixed with a Distributor’s Username and are formatted as follows:

    Replicated site URLs using YGY_ID#s are supported.

  • Is my data safe? If so, how can I be sure?

    ALL interactions with (and the associated replicated sites/sub-domains) are now fully encrypted and secure. makes use of the very latest Deluxe Organizational Validation (OV) Security Certificate (SHA-2/2048-bit). Modern web browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.) will reassure you that our sites are secure by either depicting a Lock symbol or stating the green word “Secure” in their browser’s Address bar (as depicted below):