This simple 5 Step Inviting process brings the people you know together with the Youngevity products and opportunity. Your goal is to have your prospect take a look at Youngevity. You want to create curiosity but you don’t want to answer many questions in the inviting process because you won’t want to try to explain Youngevity in one or two quick sentences.

Remember, your goal is to simply have your prospects take a look at Youngevity. If it’s not for them, that’s okay. It might not be the right time in their life. By giving too much information in the inviting process, your prospect may make a judgment on Youngevity without having all the information. That would be a disservice to them.

You are not alone! Make sure you use your upline support network to help you invite people to hear more about Youngevity.


Take your list and begin making calls or sending text messages to invite prospects to take a look at Youngevity. Do not prejudge. Be brief in your invite. Your goal is to get an appointment. Remember to use your upline’s help!

Again you want to make sure your prospect gets a good look at Youngevity. That will come from getting together. So keep your initial contact brief and set that expectation upfront as follows: “Hey Sue. This is ___________. How are you? (F.O.R.M.*) I’m in a bit of a hurry but I wanted to touch base.” “Hi Tom. This is ___________. How’s it going? I only have a minute but I’m glad I was able to connect with you.” * F.O.R.M. stands for Family (“How’s the Family?), Occupation (“How are things at Work?”), Recreation (“How was your vacation?”), Motivation (“What’s New?”) Be genuine when you ask these questions.

“I’ve always admired your ambition and work ethic” “You have such great business sense that I really respect” “You’re always such a positive person and I’ve always wanted to work with you” “You really have a great way with people which is something I really admire” “I’ve always been so thankful for your support in everything I do” “You’re a very health conscious person and so I immediately thought of you”

“I recently came across something that I’m very excited about. It may or may not be for you but would you be open to: “other sources of income without having to give up your current job?” “giving me your opinion on my new business that I’m really excited about?” “looking at something that can provide a secondary source of income?” “looking at a business you can start from your home on a part-time basis and make some great extra money?” “helping people get a lot more energy, better sleep and just feel great overall?” “natural wellness as a way to stay healthy and looking great?” If your prospect asks “What is it?” simply say, “I’m working with a 20-year-old, growing company expanding in the area that is helping a lot of people improve their health and some are also earning some great additional income. It’s highly visual though and that’s why I want you to: “watch this quick video” “get together with me so I can show you why I’m so excited“ “come to my home meeting Thursday night so you can get the complete picture. Again, I’m not sure if it’s for you, but it’s something I think you should just take a look at.”

“Would you be available now or tonight to take a look at a quick video before we meet?” After your prospect watches the video, ask “What interested you the most?” OR “What did you like best about the video?” This will give you insight into whether your prospect wants to be a Customer or Distributor with Youngevity. You can then invite interested prospects to a 1 on 1 meeting with you, a 3-way call with you and your upline, or a local meeting. 1 on 1, 3-way call or small group meeting: “I would love to get together for 30 minutes today or tomorrow so I can give you more details of what I’m talking about. Which day works better for you?

“So I’ll see you on (insert date) at (insert time) for sure right? Great, we’ll talk then.”