Your “why” is your ultimate reason for joining Youngevity and building a successful business. Your “why” will be a source of inspiration for you and will carry you through your challenges and keep you moving forward in your successes.

DEVELOP YOUR WHY: What are you focused on achieving with Youngevity? What will change for you and how will that feel? (Examples: pay off credit card debt, money for retirement, flexibility to afford trips and vacations, tuition for children, more control of your time). You have to get clear on the question: “What’s going to motivate me to work on my Youngevity business every day?”


Never prejudge anyone Don’t think about whether the person would be good at the business, needs the products, or anything else. Just write down names.

You’re offering the gifts of good health, high quality, and abundance. Be confident as you develop your list!

The more people you have on your list the better. If you have a few people on your list, you may feel more pressure to try to “sell” someone. You want to be natural and simply leave people better than you found them, whether they join or buy from Youngevity or not.


Write down your close friends and relatives. These should come off the top of your mind easily.

Start with your current “era” of life and work backward. “Eras” are based on places you have lived, worked, ages of your kids, etc.

Ask yourself questions based on each “era”.

Who did I go to church with?

Who did I know from my community organizations?

Who were my close friends?

Who were my children’s friends and did I know their parents?

Who owns a business?

Who has desire and drive?

Who is health conscious?

Who is looking to lose some weight?

Go through your phone contacts
Go through your Facebook friends and other social media contacts
Go through old planners and journals
Go through your holiday card list
Go through a list of occupations that you do business with or know such as:

“Who do I know who is an Accountant, a Realtor, a Chiropractor, a Dentist, an Engineer, a Florist, a Fitness Trainer, a Graphic Designer, a Hair Stylist, a Nutritionist, a Police Officer, a Salesperson, a Teacher, etc. . . “

This is not a one-time effort. You’ll be adding to your list on a daily basis, as new names come to mind and as you meet new people during the normal course of your day.

Start your Contact List