Recognition at Youngevity takes many forms. We have everything from formal event-based recognition to monthly rank ups, annual awards, special programs & promotions, and much more. It’s what separates our industry from the standard 9 to 5 job—we believe in recognizing people frequently for their hard work! Check out the many ways that your achievements can be recognized.



Setting goals and following through makes things happen. That’s what ranking up means. Every month we’ll share the most recent list of associates who have progressed to new levels of leadership – Senior Associates and up.

300 CLUB

We all know that the life of our business depends on bringing others into Youngevity. The 300 club is all about enrollment consistency. Qualifying for the club each month shows that you are developing habits needed to grow a healthy Youngevity business. No matter where you are, it’s never to late to join the 300 club!


Who loves trips, perks and prizes? On top of Youngevity’s generous compensation plan, we love offering additional incentives and promotions for you to participate in. These promotions are designed to help you build your business while enjoying additional incentives such as trips, prizes, free products, YGY swag, and more. Each month you can participate in a different promotion that will help you grow in different areas of your business.


Let Youngevity make your car payment! On top of Youngevity’s compensation plan, distributors may have the ability to unlock and earn a generous monthly car bonus and or course recognition for this outstanding accomplishment.


At Youngevity, we take great pride in knowing that our field of associates is full of people with amazing skills, fortitude, enthusiasm, and good hearts. Our exclusive Youngevity awards are carefully selected by our executive team to honor associates for their special contributions and commitment.

Better Health Challenge

The Better Health Challenge is a weight loss & lifestyle program that offers additional rewards—a contest! Participate as part of a team or on your own, with quarterly rewards given out to top weight loss achievers, as well as a yearly Grand Champion prize bestowed with a cash prize of up to $5,000!


Each month, usually around the 15th , we post a monthly recognition blog for accomplishments that took place the prior month.  Recognition is also posted on the Official Youngevity private group Facebook page.

There are multiple ways to get recognized for your accomplishments in Youngevity from rank advancing to monthly promotions.  You can find all the opportunities under our Recognition Categories section.

You can find fabulous, customizable recognition graphics here. You can also upload a YGY shout out video here.