ENERO 2016

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1. Youngevity 2016 Kickoff Virtual Training

Welcome to 2016 Youngevity Virtual Training Kickoff.  Learn from CEO Steve Wallach, COO Michelle Wallach and President Dave Briskie on what is coming for 2016.

2. Dr. Luis & Evelia Arriaza – 24-Hour Rule

Learn from Dr. Luis & Evelia Arriaza about the 24 Hour Rule to grow your business.

3.  Rhonda Anderson – Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Learn from Rhonda Anderson why getting out of your Comfort Zone will help you grow your business.

5.    Linda Tyler – In it to Win It

Learn from Linda Tyler great Tips to grow your business in 2016.

6.    Scott Fardulis – Always be Promoting

Learn from Scott Fardulis how to expand and grow your business by Promoting.

7. Denice & Thomas Chenault – Event Driven Business

Learn from Denise & Thomas Chenault the importance of events to your business.

8. Sean Brown – Social Selling

Learn from Sean Brown about new Youngevity’s new hybrid system, Social Selling.

9. Sanjeev Javia – What Makes Youngevity Products Unique

Learn from Sanjeev Javia what makes the Youngevity products unique.

10. Alex Theis – Powerful Testimonials in 90 Seconds

Learn from Alex Theis the ways to creating powerful testimonials.

11. Dr. Corey Gold – 3 Key Questions

Learn from Dr. Corey Gold what are the important question prospects ask themselves in a Youngevity business presentation.

12. Sunshine Briskie – Be The Change

Learn from Sunshine Briskie about the «Be The Change» foundation.