MARZO 2017

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1. Welcome

Our CEO Steve Wallach welcomes you to this exciting Virtual Event.

2. How To Invite To Youngevity – Scott Fardulis

The invitation is critical and an area that stumps a lot of people. If you or your team need to improve their inviting skills, Scott Fardulis will guide you expertly

3. How To Fill your Weekly Meetings – David Rutz

David Rutz will help you add people to your team by teaching you to use the tools and the basic building blocks to fill your weekly meetings.

4. How To Hold An Effective Home Meeting – Helen Watt

Home meetings are the lifeblood of a growing a strong team. Helen Watt has been holding successful home meetings for years, and lends her expertise to us in this training segment.

5. How To Build An Event Culture – Dr. Luis & Evelia Arriaza

How do you have big events? You need to create an event culture. The Arriaza’s will show you how they have built from small meetings to BIG events.

6.  The Power Of Accountability – Paul Kroto

There is magic in that word – accountability. Paul Kroto has used this magic word to accomplish big goals, and in this video he will train you how to use it too

7. Emotional Mastery – Sheryl Morley

High emotional energy is essential for strong belief and leadership. Sheryl Morley talks about how to achieve emotional mastery and the three essentials to have a breakthrough in 2017.

8. How To Build A Professional Network Marketing Business – Dr. Corey Gold

Building relationships, inviting, asking, and presenting are all key fundamentals to a solid Youngevity business. No one knows this better than Dr. Corey Gold. In this training he shares how to have a business built to last

9. How To Close – Alex Theis

Why is asking people to join or buy so hard? Alex Theis takes a different approach to learning how to improve your “closing” ratio.

10. Getting People Started Right – Raymond & Yolanda Brown

Retention starts when you get people started right. Whether it’s a new Distributor or Customer, the Brown’s, reigning Trainers of the Year, will help you get your new people rolling.

11. The Power Of Personal Development – Tom & Denice Chenault

Want access to a secret weapon in network marketing? Personal development can take you further, faster. The Chenault’s are experts at leadership growth through the power of personal development.

12. The New Youngevity Hydration System

What is the new Youngevity hydration system? Hear everything you need to know about this revolutionary new product from a water expert, Rick Anson.

13. Cómo Crear Una Cultura De Eventos – Dr. Luis e Evelia Arriaza – Español

¿Cómo tienes grandes eventos? Necesita crear una cultura de eventos. Los Arriazas le mostraran cómo ellos han construido desde pequeñas reuniones hasta eventos GRANDES.

Youngevity Virtual Meeting March 2017 – All Segments

Welcome to the Virtual Meeting for March 2017. Make sure to watch all 13 segments. Please let us know what you think by emailing us at: [email protected] Enjoy!