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1. Welcome

Dave Briskie. President and CFO Dave Briskie talks about the importance of events like these, and a glimpse into 2017.

2. The Power of Events – Sheryl Morley

Ambassador Sheryl Morley talks about how to leverage events and the most important piece of any event: YOU.

3. The Amazing, Brand-New, Cart Ripple – David Rutz

Our VP of Global Services introduces this exciting new tool that can help you and your business in many different ways.

4. Your Missing Secret Ingredient – Alex Theis

Youngevity’s VP of Distributor Relations gives you a proven secret to growing your business right now.

5. The Future of Youngevity Marketing – Loren Castronovo

An introduction to our latest edition to the home office team, Chief Marketing Officer Loren Castronovo. What is her vision for the Youngevity business and brand?

6.  Let’s Get Uncomfortable – Rhonda Anderson

This outstanding leader describes how getting out of your comfort zone will create more opportunities.

7. Three Questions You Must Ask Yourself – Dr. Corey Gold

Dr. Gold, one of Youngevity’s greatest leaders, challenges you and your leadership in this segment.

8. How to Introduce Your Business to Others – Raymond and Yolanda Brown

Join Youngevity’s reigning Trainers of the Year as they discuss a topic that many people struggle with – talking about your business.

9. Making the Most of Adversity – Lisa Chelius

One of Youngevity’s newest leaders talks about her struggles, challenges, and triumphs to help you face adversity head on!

10. How to Master Social Skills – Scott Fardulis

This dynamic leader teaches you how to have the right mindset and improve the way you work and converse with people every day. Are you working on yourself?

11. The Art of Telling Your Story – Alex Theis

Stories sell, facts tell. So how’s your story shaping up? This training will give you the blueprint to developing winning stories and testimonials for you and your team.

12. SPANISH: Maria Roybal

¿Cuáles son los elementos claves para conducir una junta exitosa? María Roybal te enseñará los nueve factores clave que llevarán a tu negocio al siguiente nivel a través de los eventos.

Youngevity Virtual Meeting October 2016 All Segments