MAYO 2016

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1. Virtual Training Kickoff: May 2016

CEO Steve Wallach and VP Alex Theis talk about what is new with Youngevity and what to expect in this round of virtual training.

2. Ben Fuchs – New Products

Hear from Pharmacist and Nutritionist Ben Fuchs about our amazing new products – including Ocutiv and Keto bars and shakes.

3. Adrienne Gold – Projoba/Pollen Burst

Learn from Adrienne Gold what makes the Projoba product line so unique and popular.

4.  Sanjeev Javia – Healthy Body Challenge

Looking to slim down for summer? Learn from coach Jeevers about our Healthy Body Challenge.

5. Jordan Rubin – Beyond Organics

Find out from Jordan Rubin the inspiring story behind our Beyond Organics products.

6. Stan Dennison – Sta-Natural

Stan Dennison explains the benefits of the incredible and diverse lineup of Sta-Natural products.

7. Brande Brown – For Tails Only

Pets are family too! Brande Brown unveils the best pet products to get the «Pawty» started.

8. Joyce and Wade Cordell – Restart Your Life

ade and Joyce Cordell explain the life-changing supplements from estart Your Life.

9. Annelise Brown – The Versatility of Mialisia

Annelise Brown is taking the time to personally style us with her unique Versa-Style jewlery called Mialisia.

10. Lisa Nelson – Memory Keeping

Looking to slim down for summer? Learn from coach Jeevers about our Healthy Body Challenge.

11. Iggy and Victoria Baran – Z-Radical Overview

Want to know more about Z-Radical and its many uses? Iggy and Victoria Baran are here to fill in the gaps.

12. Frankie Pulley – BioMetics

Learn from Frankie Pulley about the wide range of powerful BioMetics products.

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May 2016 – All Segments