A Heart for Healing – Success Stories

Posted: November 17, 2021 | By: Stacy Croninger

By the time Dr. Randi Shannon was introduced to Youngevity, she was a single mom of four boys, an accomplished naturopathic doctor and an entrepreneur looking to expand her horizons. She felt that finding a new holistic approach to health was a natural next step.

“Because I was an entrepreneur, and wanted to continue working in the network marketing space, I aligned with Youngevity because it seemed to fit so perfectly with my field of work.” Dr. Randi finds that having access to Youngevity’s vast array of products makes her practice much more fulfilling. “As a naturopathic doctor, I have protocols for all of the ailments that I come across, and Youngevity makes that really easy for me. We have a very well rounded array of products that go right after these health issues in a really powerful way.”

As a doctor, Randi knows that the best path towards health is being preventative. “I’d much rather be preventative and take care of myself now, rather than having to chase something down later.” She goes on, “I’m very adamant about being preventative in your health journey, which is what I’ve taught my clients, as well as my own sons.”

Randi credits Dr. Wallach with formulating the most ideal way to give our bodies the nutrition they need to maintain optimal health. Through her own studies and years of practice, she learned that these formulations are what set Youngevity apart. “It is truly a gift and a blessing that the minerals, and Dr. Wallach’s knowledge of the minerals and what they can do for the body, sets us miles and miles ahead of any other company.” Randi goes on to say, “the most important piece to this puzzle in getting people healthy is the fact that the products are formulated so well.”

When it comes to her own preventative health, Randi relies on a daily regimen of XeraFem Hormonal Support, Ocean’s Gold, and extra doses of Selenium, depending on her workout routine. She described Youngevity’s Ultimate Selenium as being in, “a league of its own.” She went on: “It’s not just your typical selenium, it’s so far above anything else out there on the market. We’re so lucky that Dr. Wallach had the knowledge and foresight to put the cofactors in the selenium to make it work so much better. There is not one part of the body that won’t benefit from our Selenium formulation.”

Over the past year and a half, Randi has been able to thrive in her naturopathic practice as well as her Youngevity business, with over 500 new clients since this time last year. She embraced technology that allowed her to pivot from seeing people in person, while still helping them determine the best course of action to optimize their health. She also acknowledges people’s growing desire to put their health at the forefront of their lives. “I think people are starting to realize that the most important vehicle that we are all driving are these bodies that we live in. And you only get one. So you better get excited about the one you have, and take care of it.”

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