Celebrating the Milestones

Posted: April 17, 2020 | By: Stacy Croninger

Our beautiful canvases are perfect for celebrating the milestones in your life.  Whether your special event already happened or your event includes social distancing practices, we have beautiful solutions to help you celebrate.

How would it FEEL to see them every day showcased on the walls of your home?

  • Wedding
  • New baby
  • Graduation
  • Retirement
  • Special birthday
  • Landmark anniversary
  • Dream vacation
  • 1st home purchase

It’s such a simple process to refresh your home. Here’s a look back at how my friend Karen updated her foyer with memories of their time in Guam.

Our Snap2Finish Wrapped Canvases come in a large variety of sizes. They can include a single image or a collage of photos.

You can change your layout from our single option.

  1. Select LAYOUT
  2. Choose the option you want.  Remember, EVERYTHING is customizable!
  3. In ONE click you’ve changed to a four photo grid.

Now you’re ready to drop in your photos!

Click-click-click-click and you’re done!

We also offer simple pre-set borders to enhance your photos. In just a few quick clicks I added a simple white border around each photo.

  1. Select the photo.
  2. Open the borders option and select your design.
  3. Click through each photo on your project to add the borders.

Do you notice the white border around each photo? 

We offer white borders in multiple sizes depending on the effect you want as well as many other border options.

My favorites are the simple white border, the shadow border and the circle border which turns a square photo shape into a circle and a rectangle shape into an oval.

That can add a lot of interest to your project or really make one image stand out above the rest.

What if you have MORE photos than the present layout options offered?

Remember, you can customize your layout. You are not limited to the number of photos or sizes of photos you add to this (or ANY) project!

Here are a couple of beautiful ways to celebrate the birth of this new baby.

See the differences? Layout. Number of photos. Background color.

What’s the same? Those amazing FEELINGS that will come rushing back to you every time you see this in your home! How would that feel?

Last step. You can also add TEXT anywhere you want. It can document the event, add important historical information, and even identify the people and place, like in the BABY collage canvas above.

Pro tip: You can position your text on the SIDE of your canvas so it still offers information but doesn’t overwhelm the project.

My friend Karen did this to identify the places they visited in Guam.

Snap2Finish can help you liberate your trapped photos and celebrate them!

If you’re ready to get started and your images are in your computer or on your phone, please review how easily you can upload your photos into your account. You’re only a few clicks away from a finished project for your home or a perfect gift for a friend or family member.

Have fun celebrating the snap and all your milestones along the way!

Helen Watt
Snap2Finish Brand Champion

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