Connecting with Community – Success Stories

Posted: December 1, 2021 | By: Stacy Croninger

In the ten years since Jennifer Saltzman started with Youngevity, she has found that her life has undergone a total transformation. Not only has her health improved immeasurably, but her income has more than doubled since leaving her career as a Pilates instructor, diving into coaching and leading her Youngevity team.

“I started signing up some of my pilates clients right away, because they were interested. And then I told my parent’s about it, and some friends. It just grew really organically from there.”

Jennifer and her husband realized that bringing people together to learn about the health benefits of Youngevity’s products was what truly allowed their business to flourish. “I have never felt like I’m a network marketer. I’ve always felt that it’s about sharing a message about something that really works. I embrace the model, but I’ve been most successful in trying to reach people who want to take control of their health, rather than people who are interested in the networking,” Jennifer says. “If they get results, then they want to tell their friends. It’s been much more organic than intentional. I’ve found that the products, and the results they help people achieve, just really speak for themselves.”

Jennifer’s journey to building a successful business has always been about connecting with her community. “Once the business got going, we were very proactive about implementing home meetings. We invited people from church and lots of friends. We really invited anybody and everybody, because what have you got to lose?”

As her community grew, so too did her outreach. “We started hosting local meetings at the library on different health topics, and from there,” she says, “it morphed into doing interviews with Dr. Wallach. My upline started a podcast on health. We just want to share our message with as many people as possible.”

Obtaining her Health Coach Certification is also something Jennifer has relied on to boost, and streamline her business. “It’s been a game changer. I’ve gotten very systematic with my training. Now I’m able to just duplicate my work and train my team, so that they can all be successful.”

Jennifer shares that her favorite part of Youngevity is the types of people the company draws.

“The quality, the integrity, the love of the people. That’s the best part.” She goes on: “It’s such a service oriented mission. It draws people in who really want to help their own families and the people around them.”

Like so many of us, Jennifer is looking forward to what’s to come, post-COVID. “I feel like it’s a family, and I miss seeing people in person. The relationships I’ve built are my absolute favorite part of this business. There is so much camaraderie, and I’m just really blessed.”

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