Posted: February 1, 2023 | By: Karen Thompson

Got Photos?

Youngevity is happy to announce that our new digital photo platform, YPhoto, has launched and is now available to use! Photos are tangible evidence of the people we love, where we come from, the adventures we take, our celebrations in life, and simply, who we are.


If you’re not already involved with photo products, some of you might be wondering why Youngevity has invested in this vertical. There are some really great reasons.

First – Market Size. According to research, worldwide in 2022, over 54,000 photos were taken every second, which translates to 196 million per hour, 4.7 billion per day, and ultimately, 1.72 trillion per year. The opportunity to grow your business with this vertical is huge. Everyone has photos just sitting around…and you can be the one to help them turn them into something special.

Second – Holistic Health. We believe in a broader, more holistic definition of health, which values our emotional and mental well-being as much as we value and protect our physical health. So naturally, we appreciate the power that photos, and subsequently, photo products, have in supporting good mental health.

If you’ve posted any photos on social media, you know that every so often you’ll get a reminder of something you shared in the past. And it immediately takes you back to that moment. THAT is the magic of photos. They’re mini time machines, helping us re-live moments both big and small. Heartfelt and funny. They remind us that we belong to a wonderful network of people that make life special. They remind us that we accomplish great things and help us re-live celebrations.

ALL of that contributes to a positive mental state. In fact, studies have shown that reliving those happy moments can reduce the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies. It can also bring a sense of accomplishment and belonging—especially to children.

So, if we get a positive health benefit from seeing our photos, we should do more with them! We should harness the power of our photos for happiness. Let’s not wait for a social media reminder of our best moments. Let’s put them all around us! On our walls, on mugs and pillows and cards and books. Everywhere!

And that’s where YPhoto comes into play. We’re providing a way to take your photos and give them the spotlight they deserve. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to be a digital designer. If you want to simply drop your photos into a pre-designed template, you can! Or you can get as creative as you’d like.


There are a lot of fun features and tools that will be available in the new editor for YPhoto. We want every Youngevity Distributor to try YPhoto, because we think you’ll love it. And just like our nutritional products, when you use them, you sell them. Here’s what you can look for:

–  Stability! The new editor has robust features for creating digital products.

–  Multiple ways to upload photos – from your phone, your computer, Facebook, and Instagram! Uploading from your phone is super easy and fast!

–  The new AI feature for books. The AI option will analyze your photos and place them in your book sorted by date, location, layout, etc.…making it a super-speedy way to create a photo book!

–  20% off sale on select items through February, with a special win-back campaign promotion in March.

–  Tutorial videos and a photo-specific blog.

–  Drag and drop functionality, but also creative freedom to change most designs.

–  Same products and pricing as HM and Snap2Finish.

–  Some new art and templates, with more to come every month.


YPhoto will be replacing both the Heritage Makers and Snap2Finish websites, eventually. But don’t worry, if you’ve got projects in progress on those websites, you’ll have time to finish them up by the end of July 2023. Check out the FAQ page on YPhoto for more details on the timing of our Heritage Makers and Snap2Finish websites, Publishing Points, and much more. Continue to follow us on social media for all the updates.


Start thinking about what photos you love most, and what you’d like to do with them! Take a look around the website for inspiration. Talk to one of the photo leaders who have been instrumental in the development of this site. In fact, we want to thank our Photo Leaders for everything they’ve done! Here’s the amazing women we’ve been partnering with on this effort: Rhonda Anderson, Candi May, Helen Watt, Hallie Redd, Sharon Gibb, and Lisa Nelson. We’re so grateful for their passion and commitment to this product line.

Above all – give it a try for yourself, then share the info with everyone you know…because everyone has photos! We can’t wait to see how you harness the power of photos for happiness! Get started here using your Youngevity or Heritage Makers ID and password.




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