Posted: April 30, 2020 | By: Rocio Ramos

We are excited to share we have had wonderful engagement in our Youngevity Rewards program, which launched January 1, 2020. We have heard from distributors who have shared how the program has helped them bring back customers. We have heard from Preferred Customers who have shared how they love being able to use their reward points to try different products they may not have otherwise. And now that a few months have passed, we are making a few slight adjustments to the program. We wanted to communicate these adjustments with you, and share an update on a few system glitches we’ve uncovered and believe to be resolved, or will be resolved soon.

Updates to Program, effective 4/27/2020

Distributor Enrollment Kits no longer earn “point-for-dollar” rewards on the kit itself, nor will they earn bonus reward points on the purchase of them. We have done this as our kits alone are a great deal for the new Distributor and we already provide the enrolling distributor with attractive incentives for these sales. Please note, there still is a reward for enrolling as a New Distributor with a Business Essentials Kit and a Business Builder Kit, as follows:

Bug: Referral Points | Resolved, 4/29/2020

We love referrals, and we know you do too! Plus, we love rewarding you for those referrals. This is exactly what the program is intended to do when the person being referred as a Preferred or Retail Customer makes a purchase. However, we noticed a glitch in our system where points were being rewarded in error to any referrer, whether a purchase was made or not. As a result, we were rewarding points to customers in error. We have since removed those points from the accounts that received them in error. This is not a change to the program; it was a glitch and has been corrected. Referrers are only rewarded referral points when the person being referred makes a purchase.

Bug: Referral Linking | Open; in-progress, ETA early May

If you are a Preferred Customer or a Retail Customer, we want you to be rewarded for your referrals. However, we also want the Distributor who is tied to the referring PC or Retail customer to be kept intact when the person being referred places an order or signs up. Unfortunately, we have found that this is not happening as intended. So, we are making an update to the system so that when a logged-in PC or Retail customer shares his/her referral link, the person being referred will be placed on the replicated website of the Distributor for that PC or Retail Customer. When the person who was referred clicks, they will see that they are “Shopping with” the Distributor, but were also “Referred by” the PC or Retail Customer.

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