The Business of Caring – Success Stories

Posted: November 24, 2021 | By: Stacy Croninger

Before joining Youngevity, Lance Gordon had a tax practice and was already involved in network marketing. Using his tax practice as a platform to build relationships, he found himself building a team around the coffee category. One of the biggest surprises to Lance was how much he would enjoy working in the network marketing space. “I realized that if you get the right company and right products, and follow the sound network marketing principles, it works every time.”

Joining Youngevity, he admits, “necessitated a change in mindset” as he had never been involved with a nutritional company before. Something he soon learned about the business though, was that there are many avenues to success. Once Lance pivoted to health and wellness products from coffee, despite his initial fears about getting into the world of nutritional supplements, he found that his mentorship abilities applied just as well.

In his tax office, he installed a huge, glass display case, he says, “for all of my favorite Youngevity products. And since my tax practice was considered ‘essential’, I was, thankfully, still able to see my clients–which meant they could still come and get their Youngevity products.” Since the topic of conversation–aside from the tax stuff–tended to center around health, given the pandemic, Lance found himself talking quite a bit about Youngevity’s immune support products. He continues, “I put all of the immunity stuff right up front. Then they would start asking me questions like, ‘how does this work with that?’”

He also discovered something about this business that he wasn’t expecting; strong and unyielding relationships. “Because it’s a relationship business, it’s more than just selling things, it’s about the relationships you build. I’ve built relationships with people all over the country,” Lance says. “My wife passed away a few years ago, and the support I received from the Youngevity community was overwhelming. Dr. Wallach called me, as did Steve Wallach, and it was on-going. That’s something you don’t get from a traditional business.”

The relationships Lance has nurtured through the years paved the path for his ability to successfully manage through unprecedented times. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Lance’s sales volume has doubled, and he credits his growth to his strong focus on the development and nurturing of good relationships throughout his entrepreneurial career.

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