Events for week of May 20, 2019

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Date/Location Event Name Presenter(s)  
Mon, May 20th    
Empowered Women Empowering Women 2 Star Marianne Niehaus Details
Tue, May 21st    
BRANDON, MS (US) Legacy of Life Youngevity Communities Brandon Mississippi Legacy 1 Start Leaders Details
Wed, May 22nd    
Gresham, OR (US) YGY Opportunity Meeting 2 Star George Maitla Details
Thu, May 23rd    
Pueblo, CO (US) Information Meeting John Finger Details
Oklahoma City, OK (US) Team Sta-Natural 4 star Stan and Laura Dennison Details
Loveland, CO (US) Opportunity Meeting – Lion Chasers 1 Star John and Tamara Seyer Details
Fri, May 24th    
Pasig City, (PH) FRI-DATE Youngevity Philippines Details
Sat, May 25th    
Bakersfield, CA (US) 90 FOR LIFE HEALTH SEMINAR with Dr. Joel Wallach Elliott Nichols Details
Sun, May 26th    
Carrollton, TX (US) May 25/26 Dallas ERCS/EDNA Workshop Training 4 Star Fred Van Liew Details
WI (US) Youngevity- what it all has to offer Daniel/Trisha Cotton Details