Adrienne and Dr. Corey Gold, DDS, Black Diamond Ambassador

Posted: April 10, 2017

Youngevity Black Diamond Ambassador Dr. Corey Gold is in his happy place – helping people enjoy better health and wellness, sharing entrepreneurialism and being part of the mission-driven company Youngevity.

Dr. Gold earned his dental degree and built a successful business but soon discovered that running a practice was not fulfilling. He wanted to live his life in a way that would allow him to have a strong income potential, health and the time freedom to enjoy his life – he found this was available to him through the networking industry.

For the past 25 years, Dr. Gold and his wife Adrienne have been committed, consistent, passionate professional network marketers. The two had been top distributors for several networking companies prior to Dr. Gold starting the networking company, ProJoba International (known for the popular drink Pollen Burst). In 2007, Dr. Gold merged ProJoba into Youngevity and he and Adrienne joined Youngevity as distributors.

Working as a Youngevity distributor has been the most exciting and rewarding portion of Dr. Gold’s professional life. A believer in the value of the Youngevity product line, Dr. Gold loves sharing them with others. He also enjoys teaching others how to become professional network marketers. As a result, he and Adrienne, have developed a dynamic and growing team of distributors and customers around the world. Although they are thrilled at the success they have had working with Youngevity so far, the two believe that Youngevity has just started tapping it’s potential and are excited to help share the message of Betterment around the world.