Chris Sanchez

Posted: April 12, 2017

Chris set up operations for Biometics as well as helped to develop the software that allowed the company to handle the inventory, accounting and compensation systems. Because he was so intimately involved with helping distributors succeed, he fell in love with the Network Marketing ideals and became a die-hard student of the industry.

Upon the death of the founder of Biometics, Chris purchased the company from the Silverberg family and continued to develop cutting edge products that utilized the Biocellular Micellization process. In January 2014, Chris and 10,000 Biometic team members joined the Youngevity organization. It was an easy transition because they have lived by the 90 For Life message for the past 22 years.

“I started in Network Marketing at the age of 26,” says Chris. “For the next 22 years I worked for, owned, and led one of the most successful businesses in our industry. Earning residual income in this business has been fun, but it’s not what keeps me going! My father always told me to go to school, get a degree and get a good job. Those are the keys to a successful future! What he didn’t tell me, or rather, what he didn’t know, is that if you have big dreams and goals, it’s almost impossible to reach them that way! If you’re working for someone else, you’re building their dreams and goals! I am most proud that, because of this business, I can demonstrate to my children that they can be self-empowered and build something for themselves that can outlast their lifetimes. Legacy is very important to me. When Youngevity acquired my business I knew it was the right fit, because they care about longevity. Their commitment to be at the forefront of nutrition as well as their commitment to put their team members’ needs before their own bottom line demonstrated to me that this was home.”

“It has become a passion for me to help others to discover their true purpose. Life should be about choices. It’s the American Dream to have both the time and money to enjoy life on your own terms. I’m sure you know people with time on their hands, but no money. Or people with lots of money, and no time. No other opportunity I know can provide BOTH time freedom and an income that provides CHOICES!”