Fidel Ayala & Maria Salazar

Posted: April 12, 2017

Fidel & Maria became acquainted with Youngevity when their oldest daughter learned about the product from her tax accountant. She knew her parents would be interested since they had experience in network marketing and were looking for a business opportunity involving health products. Maria and Fidel got great results from the products right away.

“I had lots of health issues,” says Maria, “and I was not getting results with the medications I was taking. But when I started using Pollen Burst and Tangy Tangerine I was surprised with the increased energy I felt. For 3 months I had not been ironing my clothes due to the pain in my feet. The very night I started on the products I ended up ironing all my clothes because I felt so great! For me it has been a miracle from God.”

Fidel and Maria are energized by the difference Youngevity products make in peoples’ lives. They also love how the business helps them generate extra income; fast. Their “why” is to have the house of their dreams and to be able to give their children the best lifestyle possible.

“Youngevity gives us confidence that we can achieve our dreams,” says Maria. Our future plans revolve around helping other people go after their dreams.”