Frankie & Teresa Pulley

Posted: April 12, 2017

Frankie served 15 years in the US Army National Guard and 17 years on Raleigh’s Police Department. Teresa graduated in Radiography and worked for Glaxo Pharmaceuticals. Tired of her long commute, she left Glaxo and opened a gift basket and gourmet shop.

In 1997, Teresa was introduced to Biometics (now a brand under Youngevity). She was stressed out, had no energy, and her son was struggling in school due to learning disabilities. She decided to try the products, and after only a couple of weeks, she could tell the difference Biometics had made for both her and her son. Impressed with the results, Frankie got on the products, too.

The Pulleys really weren’t looking for a business opportunity because Frankie could always work off-duty with the police department for extra income. But they were so happy with the products that they couldn’t help but share them with others.

“When our first commission check arrived our eyes were opened to the opportunity,” says Teresa, “because it was more money than we had ever made in a month working for someone else. We started visualizing the possibility of putting our children through college without drowning in debt, we started dreaming of taking more than one vacation a year, and we saw an opportunity to increase our retirement plan.”

Teresa and Frankie encountered their share of challenges as they built their business. Friends teased them about becoming involved with network marketing, and since their kids were young and both had full-time jobs when they started, it was a little tough to balance home and business demands.

According to Teresa, “We worked our Biometics business part-time but with a full time attitude. We also cut out watching TV, going out with friends (which was a regular occurring activity) as we knew we had to put our effort and time into income-producing activities and not income-reducing activities.”

Biometics has been their staple for the past 18 years, but since coming on board with Youngevity they have added BTT, Selenium, Imortalium, and the home and personal care products. They also enjoy the Restart Your Life and Beyond Organic products.

The Pulleys appreciate the lifestyle they have thanks to Youngevity. Their passion is to help people and make an impact on their health. They want to find leaders that can develop the same kind of belief and passion that they have.