May 5, 2017

Posted: May 23, 2017

The Team Challenge competition was a fireball of activity for so many in our field! It’s been exciting to watch the spirit of competition catch and grow over the last few weeks, and we thank EVERYONE who has participated! Today we want to highlight the unusual coming together of one team, and the incredible success they’ve had. They really embody the one team, one dream philosophy. Their success in the Team Challenge and the way they’ve encouraged each other is remarkable.

The team is the #RadicalRebels. Captained by Robyn Batiste Tanner, this team also includes Dynisha Coates, Toddy Jadoo, Gail Davis and Michael Carlyon.

The interesting thing is that prior to the competition, they weren’t connected in any way. Robyn had only met one member in person. No one is an upline or downline in this group. It began when Dave Briskie tagged Robyn on Facebook, and encouraged her to get involved in the Team Challenge. She ended up just reaching out randomly, and connected with each of the people that became the Radical Rebels. Their team quickly filled, but more people were asking to join, looking for a team to partner with. “Because I’d reached out, I was visible,” Robyn said. So she kept helping people find teams.

Not knowing exactly how to begin, this new team followed a simple plan. They followed the formula suggested by Alex Theis:

  1. Focus on the wins.
  2. Be clear about what kind of support you need.
  3. Have a call every day.

They knew that it had to be a positive, nourishing environment for it to work for them, so they implemented Alex’s suggestions, and it grew from there. Robyn attended all the Captain’s calls, and they set up a Facebook Messenger group for the team. Their daily calls became daily video calls. It felt like they were all becoming “awake,” and started getting to work.

By April 17th, everyone had qualified. Michael had been so concerned he would let the team down, but he stepped outside his comfort zone, and enrolled 3 new people in a month for the first time ever! Not only that, Michael was in 3rd place for Team QV for most of the second half of April. Amazing!

The other formula for success was constantly raising the bar. They started with a simple goal of just getting on the board. When that was accomplished, they moved the goal to everyone getting three enrollments in a month. Although this was definitely a stretch, they jumped in and encouraged each other. When they met that goal, they said: How about three in a week? Done! Their next goal was: how about eight in a week?

Dynisha used the Y-DR8+ Bottles to develop a charity event in her daughter’s memory, creating an opportunity for people to donate these bottles to organizations that her daughter, an athlete, a volunteer medic, and volunteer firefighter, had loved.

The stories of success go on and on with this team. They found themselves loving the competition and others noticed the change in them, too. Robyn continued having her weekly meetings with her regular local team, and one M.D. who she’s known for years shared that he’s never seen her so lit up and inspired.

The team also generously reached out to help others, which is common in our Youngevity Nation. They invited another team captain that was struggling to join a team call. Radical Rebels received that same outreach in return. Robyn asked the team which leaders they’d like to hear from, and they enjoyed encouraging calls from Denice Chenault, Sheryl Morley, and Ben Fuchs.

As the competition has wound down, the momentum is just picking up for this group. Two of the members in Florida have connected and held their very first Opportunity Meeting. As a team, they are continuing their calls three times a week.

“We’re all individually re-energized in so many ways”, Robyn said. “We have so many seeds planted for the future.”

They reached their Team Challenge goals, and have now set new ones. “I am so proud of the Radical Rebels. They represented exactly what the Team Challenge was all about and did an outstanding job seizing the opportunity,” said Alex Theis. We all agree and can’t wait to see what the future looks like for the Radical Rebels! Congrats on a successful Team Challenge!