Michelle Van Etten

Posted: April 16, 2017

Michelle has a passion for sharing the benefits of health-giving products and loves to build a “family” of friends and business partners who want to embrace a mission bigger than themselves. No wonder she has thrived in Youngevity!

She had tried working a couple of network marketing companies, but things never seemed to gel. Then she met Keith Hall at a convention of the Association for Professional Network Marketers. She hadn’t originally planned to attend the business session of the conference, but something told her she needed to be there, so she changed her reservation. After listening to Keith’s presentation, Michelle realized why she needed to be there. She’s been 100% Youngevity ever since and has experienced rapid growth in her business.

Michelle has perfected a strategy that involves converting satisfied online product purchasers into business builders. Since they already have product stories, they can easily appreciate the marketing potential behind them. “I ask them if they’ve ever talked to their friends about Youngevity products,” she says. “Then I ask them if they knew it was a network marketing company and that they could start receiving ‘gratitude checks,’ when those friends purchased products. After that, my job is to simply show them the generous Youngevity Compensation Plan. They get really excited when they hear about the coding bonuses!”

Michelle is a firm believer in getting people engaged right away by directing them to the “Team Member Resources” page on the Youngevity web site. “I also feel strongly about encouraging them to develop their own voice when it comes to promoting the products and the business,” she says. “That way my availability doesn’t become a bottleneck. I believe that building leadership is more important than building your own ego.”