April 21, 2017

Posted: April 26, 2017

Nicole Warren

Nicole is an experienced, seasoned marketer. She’s always at it! She never quits and is always working the business. After the recent Punta Cana trip, she and her husband are more excited than ever about the possibilities through Youngevity and the way people can live their lives. Nicole’s passion began with For Tails Only pet products—she’s pro-pet all the time!

Patty Spielman

Patty Spielman has added the most new customers with the highest sales than anyone in Heritage Makers! Patty really promotes the full message of Youngevity Health – she shares her story and uses a variety of products. And of course she’s excellent at Memory Keeping. Patty is determined and consistent and it shows!

Mike and Kristen Sirmon

Mike and Kristen are Senior Associates and are killing the business in EVERY vertical. Mike is focusing on TeleCare and David Allen Capital. Kristen is rocking the social selling with oils, health and jewelry. They live in a small town, but you wouldn’t know it from their sales. Although Mike is working full time and Kristen home schools their kids, they are juggling a lot and still doing awesome things!!! They’re an incredible couple!