Peggy Lapsley

Posted: April 16, 2017

Having worked with doctors for 35 years, Peggy is no stranger to the reality that doctors often do not “fix” health problems and that sound nutrition is definitely a better path. Although she had no experience as a network marketer, she decided to quit her full-time employment to begin representing Youngevity—“the Cadillac of mineral companies.” Every week she went to training meetings with friends. Together they got motivated and learned about natural products and the Youngevity Compensation Plan. Her upline eventually asked her to start giving some of the presentations, which was nerve-wracking at the time, but it turned out to be a key to her success.

Peggy is passionate about sharing Dr. Wallach’s CD’s. She distributes them to prospects and tells them she wants their opinion on the information. “The money is in the follow-up,” she says, “so I am diligent about getting back to them in a few days.” Peggy knows that the products can absolutely change the world of health care and she is on a mission to educate everyone she can. She loves the integrity of Youngevity and how Steve Wallach “always tries to do the right thing.”

How has Youngevity changed her life? She loves being able to work from home in her pajamas, especially during tough Iowa snowstorms. She has a new house, drives the car she wants to drive, owns two Arabian horses, and has the time flexibility to go to horse shows. “I define ‘rich’ as not owing anybody any money, having good health, and the best friends in the world,” she says. “Youngevity has definitely allowed me to become rich!”