Rhonda Anderson – December 8, 2017

Posted: December 8, 2017

As Youngevity continues to build our product offerings that support our philosophy of holistic betterment, we’ve also been privileged to add a wide array of field talent in the process. Leaders who have built businesses and in some cases, entire industries. 5 Star Executive Rhonda Anderson is one of those leaders. She was recently featured in the December DSA News, an issue dedicated to the most influential women in the direct selling industry. Rhonda was noted in an article highlighting the icons of the industry—an incredible distinction.


Mentioned in this article are such trailblazers as Mary Kay Ash (Founder of Mary Kay), Brownie Wise (Founder of Tupperware), and Persis Albee, the very first Avon lady. To be included in this company of women is a notable honor. Rhonda is highlighted as one of the Co-Founders of Creative Memories. Back in 1987, Rhonda was a stay at home Mom with a passion for helping people preserve their family histories, and a persistence to get her hands on more of the product she used to do it. Not only did this idea and passion build what would become Creative Memories—the largest scrapbooking company in the world—it actually spawned the entire scrapbooking industry.


With a focus on quality and preservation, products developed by Creative Memories became industry standards and reshaped the way people thought about albums and photos. Underneath it all was a primary commitment to sharing memories and building connections through telling your story. Because Rhonda will be the first to tell you that photos “don’t talk”. They represent moments in time, but they can’t share the deeper connections behind the images.


While Rhonda loved focusing on scrapbooking, she has happily found a new home at Youngevity Nation. Always having a personal interest in health and wellness, she’s now able to combine her passions for storytelling and wellness in our Omni-channel approach.


We talked with Rhonda about what the inclusion in the DSA publication meant to her, where she’s been, where she’s going, and why she’s so happy to be part of the Youngevity family.

Q: What did you think when you saw the article in DSA News? You’re included with some well-known industry giants.


A: “The first thing that struck me when I looked at this collection of women is that almost everyone on this list is retired, or has passed away. It’s truly an honor to be actively carrying the torch for women in this industry.


I also noticed that the women featured had a similar focus: they all wanted to give other women the opportunity to have their own business, to be their own boss, and to bless their families. Our paths may have varied, but the fundamental goal was to really let women blossom and see their own talents and gifts come to fruition. That same potential is here today with Youngevity. This hybrid approach and the various products—we’re on track to finding the best way to present a new way forward in this industry.”

Q: Thinking about your long history not only in this direct selling business, but the industry you started, scrapbooking—what are you proudest of?


A: “When you strip away everything else and get down to the foundation, I’m so proud that literally around the world, there are millions of albums with photos and stories preserved for generations. I’m proud that family legacies are being shared, passed down, and taught to future generations.


It’s what moved me then, and what moves me today: that everyone’s story is worth celebrating. Future generations of your family are going to wonder about YOU. We all have a life worth telling about. So take just a little bit of time, and tell it!”


Q: What can people do that aren’t sure how to begin? We’re used to sharing instant photos of moments, not crafting our life story.


A: Think about musicians with a long careers. They often put out their “greatest hit” albums, so you do the same. You don’t need to create volumes. Just create one “greatest hits” album of things that are most important to you. Your great life album.”

Q: So that’s where your passion has always been: photos, stories and albums. How has being part of Youngevity reshaped that passion or vision for you?


A: At first glance, it might not seem that scrapbooks fit in the Youngevity model. But I always think of what Dr. Wallach has said about it: “Our health products help improve our physical health and our scrapbook products help improve our emotional health.” I couldn’t agree more. When we have scrapbooking crops, and spend a significant amount of time with our customers, it’s a natural process to hear about all the things going on in their lives. Aching knees, insomnia, whatever it might be. In the past, all I could do was give them my empathy, but now I have solutions to offer for all their needs! It really is about a holistic approach to betterment.


I feel very grateful to Youngevity. I’ve never felt better, but even more fulfilling is hearing people on my team say that they’ve never felt better too.

Q: What’s your best advice to those that are starting out, and deciding where to focus their attention and energy?


A: I always recommend that people begin by finding a small range of products they can incorporate into their life, then recommend those. You need to become literate and feel confident on the details of those products and share how they impacted you. Don’t try to focus on everything at the beginning—that’s the key to success. You can always layer on more products as you go.


Thank you, Rhonda, for being a trailblazer for women, for life’s stories, and now for good health. Your passion and persistence has paved the way for countless others that have followed you. We’re so honored and proud to have a DSA icon among us!


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