Rosslyn Pacheco

Posted: April 16, 2017

Born and raised in the little town of Waianae, Hawaii, Rosslyn worked as an elementary school teacher before getting involved with Youngevity once Dr. Luis and Evelia Arriaza introduced her to the company.

“I was extremely motivated,” says Rosslyn,“by the fact that I had, in my hands, a solution to help my family, my friends and everyone I came into contact with, who had the desire, to improve their health, finances, and time freedom to enjoy the beautiful things in life.”

Rosslyn faced a lot of challenges, all of which were in the realm of “building” and “maintaining” a business.

“A lot of people have the notion of selling a product,” she explains,“when in fact building a business has nothing to do with the product. I have learned it has more to do with building people and fostering a positive philosophy, which in turn encompasses a lifestyle. This lifestyle is who we become, from what we do, from what we get, from how we feel, from what we know.”

The best advice Rosslyn has for others starting out in Youngevity, is the first thing she learned from the Arriaza’s. In the Spartan 24 hour system, the first step is to know your “why.” The power of your “why” will help you continue on days that aren’t always the easiest. It will drive you to do the things you are most afraid of doing. The second best advice is also something she learned from Luis and Evelia—“Go Pro!” Professional network marketers are some of the most sophisticated individuals you will even meet because we don’t do what works, we do what can be duplicated.

“I have found my purpose in life,” says Rosslyn.“It is my hope, that through my example, I can encourage others to live a life of greatness and not one of mediocrity.”