Victoria & Iggy Baran

Posted: April 16, 2017

Victoria has business in her blood. Her father was an entrepreneur and owned five companies, and from the age of 10, she worked right along side of him. Before network marketing she ran a 30 million dollar retail business and was the problem solver that turned stores around throughout the country. Her husband Iggy has a psychology background and does a lot of mentoring with kids and teenagers. The Barans became a part of Youngevity when Escape, the company behind the fantastic Zradical product, was folded into the corporation.

“I got into the business for the product and to help others,” says Victoria. “The products flat work! If you take them out of the container, it appears to be a sure thing—you get results!

Both Victoria and Iggy are very driven people and they love watching their teams advance. As they advance they are making more money and helping lots of others. They find Youngevity to be a very gratifying business, both emotionally and monetarily. The key is to stay the course and never give up. They believe it’s important to eliminate the time wasters in your life and readjust your actions to be commensurate with your dreams.

Speaking of dreams, the Barans want to set up a foundation to educate kids about nutrition and healthy habits. They also want to help battered women and children get a start in the MLM industry so they can end their financial and emotional suffering. They would also like to travel the world with no money restraints.

“Youngevity could not drive us away with a team of wild horses,” says Victoria. “We love this company—the leadership, the products, the money which affords us security for the future, and the opportunity to become better human beings and leave a profound legacy.”