Build A Movement

Better Health Challenge Promotion

Nov 4 – Dec 15, 2019


BIG NEWS! Youngevity is proud to announce that we are ringing the NASDAQ bell in NYC to celebrate Fit Week 2020! This is a huge honor for us. We’ve been invited back to NASDAQ/Fit Week in 2020 because of the success of our Better Health Challenge program!

To celebrate, we want you to join us to experience this unique opportunity firsthand! The BAM! promotion gives you a chance to join us in the Big Apple for this special event, and to support the Better Health Challenge (BHC) during Fit Week. This promotion is all about building a movement—in your business and in your health. Let’s go!


  • Free lodging for two nights, plus air and ground transportation to NYC*
  • Join the YGY team in ringing the NASDAQ bell and promotion of YGY during Fit Week
  • Gift Bag of prizes


* Only Distributors qualify for this event. Full airfare for US & Canada only. $500 travel voucher towards International travel for the trip.

We’ll be in NYC to proudly ring the bell, see YGYI on the jumbotron in Times Square—AND support Fit Week by promoting our Better Health Challenge! Our Challenge is changing lives. People are excited and motivated, and we can’t wait to bring more awareness to Youngevity and the Challenge with this trip.


Distributors will have several ways to win this special trip, based on sales and business activity around key weight loss and wellness products. We’ve got a great selection of our key health and weight loss products included in this promotion, and it’s a perfect way to reach out to new customers and recruits.

Contest QV and Better Health Challenge (BHC) Registration Points


  • QV POINTS – QV on sales of promo products from personally enrolled (a) new retail customers, (b) new preferred customers and/or (c) new distributors. Your QV is equal to the points given for the contest. Example: Sell $150 QV promo product, you earn 150 contest points.


  • BONUS POINTS for BHC REGISTRATION – When you sell any of the promo products to your new customers and new distributors, AND the purchaser registers for the Better Health Challenge—you’ll get DOUBLE the points for the contest. Example: Sell $150 QV promo product and the same customer registers for the BHC, you earn 300 contest points!

It’s easy to register for the

Better Health Challenge at

How Will Winners Be Chosen?

15 Winners TOTAL!

That’s right—there will be 15 WINNERS joining us in NYC for this special event, based on top 3 in the following categories:

  • Top 3 in Total Contest Points – 3 Winners. Includes combined QV and BHC Registration points for any of the promo products
  • Top 3 in Keto90 Weight Loss Kit Contest Points – 3 Winners. Includes combined QV and BHC Registration points for the Keto90 Weight Loss Kit
  • Top 3 in Rev90 Weight Loss Kit Contest Points – 3 Winners. Includes combined QV and BHC Registration points for the Rev90 Weight Loss Kit
  • Top 3 in Wellness90 Weight Loss Kit Contest Points – 3 Winners. Includes combined QV and BHC Registration points for the Wellness90 Weight Loss Kit
  • Top 3 in Liver Detox Cleanse Kit Contest Points – 3 Winners. Includes combined QV and BHC Registration points for the Liver Detox Cleanse Kits




This limited time promotion is the best time to join Youngevity as a Preferred Customer. Here’s why:

1 – No Preferred Customer joining fees during the promotion—SAVE $19.95!
2 – Get wholesale pricing—SAVE up to 20% off retail!
3 – Get FREE standard shipping on orders over $99 on (U.S. only) on the products included in the BAM! promotionSAVE on shipping!


PLUS, if you take advantage of the no-fee preferred customer offer, and spend $99—you will secure your PC status for another year!



Join YGY as a Preferred Customer for free (step 1),
then order $99 worth of BAM! promo products (step 2).
and you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on promotional items,
plus wholesale pricing on all Youngevity products,
AND preferred customer status for two years!

• Shipping will be charged on products that are outside of the BAM Promotion.
• PC fee is $0.00 when signing up during this promotional period—no need to call customer service.







Health and wellness is in our DNA—and the BHC program keeps growing and changing lives. Because we’re kicking off 2020 in NYC for Fit Week, we’re going to celebrate by boosting the BHC in a BIG WAY too!


Special Offer:

The Q1 2020 Semi Finalists only, will receive a PREMIUM Prize Pack!

We’ve never offered anything like this for our Semi-Finalists winners…so DO NOT miss this opportunity. We’re ready to put $1,000 in your pocket!


  • Semi-Finalists status – this means you’re in the running for our $5,000 Grand Prize
  • $1,000 (Top 4 individuals and Top 1 team of up to 5 people)
  • Gift bag
  • Convention 2020 photoshoot and recognition
  • $300 product credit
  • BHC t-shirt and hat


Why register for the BHC now?

Because we want you READY for January 1! Our previous Grand Champions will tell you that getting started before the holidays puts you in a great position come January. Register for the BHC, pick your program, and start working towards better health in advance of the first quarter of the year.  If you’ve reached your health goals— lead a team! You can still be part of the winning team for Q1! Whatever you do, take this opportunity to get started as a participant now, so you’ll be well in the groove when the competition starts January 1.



  • Same rules that apply to our existing BHC quarterly cycles – you’ll be judged based on percentage of weight lost (team or individual) and the story you share. Must provide weight and photo info.
  • Both Distributors and Customers can qualify to win
  • If you’re currently registered in the BHC, you must submit your Jan 1 weight/photos in the “submit results” section, then update it by the end of the quarter (March 31, 2020)
  • If you’re not registered for the BHC, you must register under “join the challenge” and include your starting weight/photos, then update it by the end of the quarter (March 31, 2020).