Youngevity Award Nominations

Each year, Youngevity is proud to present special awards to our distributors during our Convention. These awards celebrate a myriad of achievements—from being a great trainer to overcoming an obstacle or challenge (and many more).

Award Overview

Below are the Youngevity Specialty Awards. These are not dependent upon Rank or ranking up, and anyone may be nominated. Awards are presented at Convention to Distributors who are in attendance. Final selections on all awards are made by the Executive team.

Circle of Excellence Award

The Circle of Excellence award is presented to the Youngevity Associate who has distinguished themselves with their efforts to train, motivate, encourage and support others—regardless of their downline affiliation. Encouraging and motivating others is what sets our Youngevity Nation apart, and the Circle of Excellence recipients represent the best of those well-rounded traits.

Clutch Award

The Clutch Award is inspired by our good friend Drew Pearson, a former Dallas Cowboys receiver who is known for his NFL game-winning catches in “clutch” situations. This Youngevity award, proudly named after Drew, goes to the Associate who has shown extraordinary efforts as a team player, offering support selflessly. This award matters so much to us at Youngevity because it’s important to know the people you can count on—the ones you can reach out to when it really matters.

Hall of Fame Award

Inductees to the Youngevity Hall of Fame are individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to the establishment, growth and history of Youngevity. Without their contributions, there wouldn’t be a Youngevity as we know it today.

Presidential Award of Excellence

The Presidential Award of Excellence is our highest honor. It’s hand-selected by our President and CEO, and is awarded to the Associate who most notably reflects the core values of Youngevity including honor, integrity, leadership, loyalty and compassion. These are words that we take seriously and reflect on before determining our recipient—who has our respect and admiration for all they represent to Youngevity.

Rebound Award

Everyone loves a comeback story. There’s nothing more inspirational than someone who has faced a challenge and come back even stronger. Our Rebound Award was created to celebrate Associates who have shown determination and perseverance in the face of adversity. This award is named in honor of NBA All-Star, Theo Ratliff, to honor his determination to overcome the adversity he faced in his life.

Rising Star Award

The Youngevity Rising Star award is presented to Associates who exhibit great potential—who are working toward hitting their stride. These people show us just a glimmer of what you know is going to be a supremely successful future.

Rookie of the Year Award

Starting out strong can be the difference between a meandering or skyrocketing path to success. Our Rookie of the Year award is presented to the Associate who exhibits extraordinary growth within their first year as a Youngevity distributor by following the Youngevity simple system.

Trailblazer Award

Every day we see people embracing our mission and the messages—and taking them out to the world. We encourage you to “pick your passion”—and sometimes people find innovative ways to share that passion. The Trailblazer Award is presented to Youngevity Associates who embody the definition of trailblazer: someone who forges their own path, doing things a little differently than others, maybe in whole new areas!

Trainer of the Year Award

The Trainer of the Year is one of our most revered Youngevity awards. That’s because this award goes to the Associate who has shown extraordinary dedication—in terms of training and communication—to Youngevity field organizations regardless of downline affiliation. Training and mentorship is often the key that helps people really get started on the right foot, get connected to the right resources, and gain the confidence needed to pursue success, which is why this award is so special.

Distributor Nominations ended April 24, 2018.
Award winners will be announced at Convention!