10 Good Reasons to Create a Family Year Book with Heritage Makers

Posted: December 27, 2017 | By: Lisa E

If you are like me, in the middle of raising kids, then this post is for you. This is the time of year I like to look back over the past 2017 photos and create a family yearbook. I do this every year without fail. My goal is to complete the book during Christmas break before the kids are back to school. I look forward to this “task” every year during the holidays because it honestly brings me a lot of joy as I say goodbye to the year. It affords me indulgent time to look back at my year with my family and savor all the memories we made.

It takes some time yes and some may ask why go to all the trouble? Here are my 10 reasons why I create a family yearbook every year:

1. Let your photos out of digital-prison! If I didn’t force-encourage myself to sit down and do this every year do you think I would print out any photos? Nope, I would not. So this is my way of making sure I actually print photos.

2. Heritage Makers has lots of pre-designed templates created for you to use as a springboard for your creativity. These are designed by graphic designers who understand page layout and have awesome style! Here are a few I have used in the past. Some are quick and easy with a few photos and some have spots for hundreds of photos and memories. Templates makes it easy and make you look like a design pro!

3. Heritage Makers family yearbooks will showcase up to 99 pages of your memories yet take up very little space on your shelf and leave no scraps on your floor.

4. There are no stickers or papers to buy, you have design freedom with over 100,000 pieces of digital artwork at the click of your mouse! (This might be my favorite reason.)

5. Proof that you are great parents! Whether you took your kids to Disneyland or even just camping in the back yard it is proof you did fun things as a family.

6. Peace of mind that my memories will have a home. When I am out making memories with my family I know exactly where the photos will go–in my family yearbook!

7. Safe photos! Not only do you get a wonderful quality family yearbook at the end of the experience, you get the peace of mind that not only are your photos backed up on the Heritage Makers cloud but your yearbook will be there for you to order should you ever need to. Additional copies can be ordered at any time. Your book will be in your account under “Completed Projects” safe and sound.

8. Helps me look for the good. Family life isn’t always easy or blissful. Creating a family yearbook helps me see that no matter how rough the year was there were plenty of good times. I think that is important. At the end of each and every yearbook I have done there is our family top 10 list of the best things that happened that year. Some years I have to dig deep to find 10 great things and some years the good events and experiences are overflowing. Either way, it is helps to look for the good and celebrate that as a family.

9. Kids love to look at their family yearbook! I catch my kids pulling out the yearbooks and laughing as they look back over the years.

10. It is a creative outlet for me. The holiday season can be crazy, by doing my yearbook every year it gives me an excuse to say, “No thanks. Mom is going to just work on our yearbook for a while. You go ahead and go sledding without me this time.” Then you pour yourself a warm drink, put on some fuzzy socks and work on your memories.

If you are a parent like me you know time is short with your children and they aren’t children long. A family yearbook is such a special way of celebrating those precious years. If you have never done one, start this year. Try it! You will never regret it I promise.

-Candy May, Ambassador for Heritage Makers

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