Embrace the Changes (08/23 Aroma Share Club)

Embrace the Changes As routines change, take time to focus on your purpose and be calm. Recipes include: Softest Skin Body Oil Midday Joint Massage Oil Diffuse Calm and Joy August Aroma Share Flyer

3 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Skin Accidentally

Our skin is amazing! A living, breathing organ of the human body, this thin layer of epidermis keeps out chemicals, toxins, radiation, pathogens, and allergens.1 It’s even self-healing,2 but make no mistake: this thin outer layer

Relax and Unwind (06/23 Aroma Share Club)

Relax and Unwind Use summer aromas for vacations, relaxation, and unwinding. Recipes include: Good Morning Massage Oil Brighten Your Day Room Spray Bedtime Roll-on June Aroma Share Flyer

Stay Active & Live Longer

It’s no secret that regular exercise comes with a long list of benefits. From physical to mental, physical activity supports your health in many ways. Now, research is finding that exercise may also be your greatest

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