3 Things to Start doing in 2022

The world is constantly on the move. There is so much stimulation coming to us from social media, the internet, even our own friends and family that we can forget about our own needs. When we

A Look Back and Forward

Happy New Year! As many of you know, our New Year’s Eve call is one of our favorite Youngevity traditions. It’s the perfect moment in business and in life when we take stock, with gratitude, of


REFRESH YOUR ROUTINE   By now we’re all used to the marketing messages we hear every January about fitness, exercise and resolutions. Our natural tendencies to to create a fresh start as the calendar changes to

Why Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are so Popular

You may be seeing ads and information about Apple Cider Vinegar, especially in gummy format. Why have they become so popular recently and what benefits do they offer? These are great questions so let’s find out.

I Am Peaceful, Positive and Have Potential

End the year with love and possibilities. This month’s Aroma Share Club is I Am Peaceful, Positive and Have Potential. Recipes include: I Am Peaceful – Shower Salts I Am Positive – Car Freshener Clothespin I