Essential Oils

New Year – New Intentions (01/23 Aroma Share Club)

New Year – New Intentions. Be intentional and create a plan for how you want 2023to unfold with the help of refreshing essential oils. Recipes include: Start Your Day Shower-Infusing Salts Change Your Outlook Diffuser Blend

Be Open to Receive (12/22 Aroma Share Club)

Be open to receive – get ready to welcome the new year and all it brings your way. Recipes include: Cinnamon Mouth Rinse Fresh Orange Hand Scrub Happy Holidays (a diffuser recipe) December Aroma Share Flyer 

Balance your Mind (11/22 Aroma Share Club)

Balance your mind – keep your mind active and stay focused. recipes include: Wake Up Mister Invite Focus Personal Diffuser Alert and Refreshed Massage Cream November Aroma Share Flyer

Winter Savings Have Arrived!

Yes, it is just barely fall, but here at Youngevity we want you to get your holiday shopping done as early as you can. That way you can relax when the holidays arrive. And boy do

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