Essential Oils

Thankful Thoughts (11/23 Aroma Share Club)

Thankful Thoughts Pair your gratitude with essential oils that may help support peace in your environment. Recipes include: Start Your Day Centered Roller Autumn Leaves Diffuser Blend End Your Day with Calm Face Scrub November Aroma

Warm up to Fall (10/23 Aroma Share Club)

Warm up to Fall The transition to fall is a big change. Support your environment with invigorating aromas. Recipes include: Good Morning Floor Cleaner DIY Warmly Scented Lotion End Your Day with Calm Face Scrub October

Embrace the Changes (08/23 Aroma Share Club)

Embrace the Changes As routines change, take time to focus on your purpose and be calm. Recipes include: Softest Skin Body Oil Midday Joint Massage Oil Diffuse Calm and Joy August Aroma Share Flyer

Relax and Unwind (06/23 Aroma Share Club)

Relax and Unwind Use summer aromas for vacations, relaxation, and unwinding. Recipes include: Good Morning Massage Oil Brighten Your Day Room Spray Bedtime Roll-on June Aroma Share Flyer

Yes, We May! (05/23 Aroma Share Club)

Yes, We May! May we help you usher in a new season? Reset your days with fresh, invigorating scents! Recipes include: Reset Your Morning Air Mister Ease Muscle Tension Roller Blend Dreamy Linen Spray May Aroma

Showers of Scent (04/23 Aroma Share Club)

Showers of Scent – wrap up winter with a good, refreshing rain of stimulating aromas. Recipes include: Morning Wakeup Body Scrub Refresh Your Day Diffusing Rosie Attitude Roller Bottle April Aroma Share Flyer

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