Make, Take & Freeze

Make, Take & Freeze with Saveur – Workshop 4

WELLNESS RECIPES Spanish Chicken Bake  Featuring Saveur Spanish Paella Spice, Seasoned Salt, and Nutmeg Blend Baking Spice. Coffee Crusted Lamb with Blueberries Featuring Saveur Coffee Rub, Seasoned Salt, and Guacamole Mix. Mexican Beef Soup Featuring Saveur

Make, Take & Freeze with Saveur – Workshop 3

WELLNESS RECIPES Kerala Egg Curry Featuring Saveur Tandoori Spice and Kerala Fried Rice. Chicken with Rainbow Vegetables Featuring Saveur Garlic Mix and Safari Rub. Satay Chicken with Fried Rice Featuring Saveur Satay Spice and Kerala Fried

Make, Take & Freeze with Saveur – Workshop 2

WELLNESS RECIPES Aussie Burgers with Curried Potato Salad Featuring Saveur Spiced Beet Hummus Mix and Ceylon Curry Spice. Beef Stew with Dumplings Featuring Saveur Roast Rub, Onion Garlic Rub, and California Onion Mix. Chicken & Spinach

Make, Take & Freeze with Saveur – Workshop 1

WELLNESS RECIPES: Moroccan Chicken Featuring Saveur Tagine Spice, Dill Mix, and Seasoned Salt. Slow Cooker Mango Chili Featuring Saveur Chili Spice, Seasoned Salt, and Cinnamon Blend Baking Spice. Beef & Broccoli Stir-fry with Cauliflower Rice Featuring

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