BOOT CAMP for your photos!

Posted: May 30, 2019 | By: Lisa E

Are you ready to learn some simple steps that will take you from a digital disaster to a completed digital photo book with Snap2Finish?

This is not your traditional boot camp. You likely won’t even break a sweat. But you will feel:
a sense of pride

Check out what these folks had to say after participating in a Boot Camp Workshop. All across the country folks are having success starting AND COMPLETING a digital photo book! YOU CAN TOO!

– “I’m excited. I’ve been too scared to try this!” – Angela, KS
– “I’m getting the hang of it. Proud of me! LOL” – Marlene, VA
– “Thank You Helen for doing this boot camp! It has been a very FUN book to put together and can’t wait to begin my next two!” – Judy, OR
– “This was so much fun!! I am so excited to be able to give this gift to someone so important!!!” – Jo Anne, VA

Simple layouts! Naked pages! Images from Instagram already include journaling!

Let’s get started!

I’ve got a plan all laid out for you, step-by-step!
My Boot Camp follows a system of:

1. Simple layouts
2. Your best photos
3. Add-ons include journaling, background paper/color, and borders.

I call these “naked pages” because they don’t have any embellishments on them. It brings all the focus to the pictures and stories. More importantly, it helps you start and complete a book without a huge commitment of time!

Here’s another great example!

In one of our Boot Camp Sessions we even had a mother and daughter BOTH participate, each working on their own photo books! The daughter started scrapbooking with me when she was 5 years old at my after-school class. She’s heading into high school in the fall and then college! Digital gave her the flexibility to create her pages without any additional expense or products – she only needed her computer (or even just her smart phone). Remember, our Snap2Finish software is a FREE platform and our artwork, templates and storage is also FREE. That lets our customers use their money to create fabulous books (canvas, pillows, mugs, and more).

I’d love to have YOU join an upcoming Boot Camp Photo Workout too! Watch for opportunities to join these online workshops in our Snap2Finish Facebook group.

Keep celebrating the SNAP!

-Helen Watt, Brand Champion for Snap2Finish

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