Capture your Stories of 2017

Posted: December 14, 2017 | By: Lisa E

When I was growing up, holidays always seemed to involve two things: a celebration of the holiday itself and a birthday party.

The year would start with my mom, whose birthday was February 14th so Valentine’s Day always included her favorite things like white cake and coffee. My brother’s birthday on June 19th was always a father-and-son affair, being so close to Father’s Day. Dad never seemed to mind sharing. My sister was born on July 1. Grandpa said she had a twinkle in her eye to match the fireworks! To this day Lori is always patriotic and never forgets to vote.

My own birthday, on November 25, is always a day to give thanks. And, of course, given the timing, my birthday has been celebrated more often with pumpkin pie and whip cream than cake and ice cream. But I don’t mind – I’m usually guaranteed a good crowd at my birthday party!

The only problem when we were growing up was my poor dad and his lonely January 16 birthday (which is coming up next month). Today, even that’s worked out as we all pay respect to Dr. King. But when I was a kid, mid-January was a black hole in the calendar. And in northern Montana, mid-January demanded something to celebrate. So we unilaterally declared the 16th of January each year to be “Icicle Day.”

And while Icicle Day never did quite gain the worldwide following that we’d hoped, it did give us a celebration for our dad and 60 years of fun family stories – many of which are told in our albums.

Creating a holiday spirit and keeping it alive for every day: that is a great reason for a photo album – no matter what your favorite style of album. So take time this month of December to work on your photo album. I know there are presents to buy and parties to plan, but the time you invest in capturing the stories of 2017 will pay you back for years to come.

-Rhonda Anderson, Ambassador for Our Memories for Life

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