Catching up…in a SNAP!

Posted: May 7, 2019 | By: Lisa E

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Tricia Carleton about the photo gifts she’s been making. Here she is with her grandson reading the digital book she made for him. Precious!










Tricia started making scrapbook albums years ago, but when she heard about digital books and that you can make COPIES for family & friends, that really grabbed her attention!

But then she noticed something else and shared this with me.

“I was getting behind in creating the album and photo gifts I wanted to make. In order for me to play catch up, I decided to try Snap2Finish because I knew I could create projects quickly there! My brother recently celebrated his 70th birthday and Snap2Finish helped me create a simple book with the pictures and stories of his birthday celebration.” Tricia went on to share…










“I’ve also created LOTS of gifts, like the pillows, pillowcase, travel tumbler, mugs and more. These make GREAT gifts, anytime, but right now I’m finishing up some Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts for my family. While I was babysitting my grandson I was even able to create these during his down time and in the evenings. I can’t wait to give these gifts!”














THANKS Tricia for sharing your story! You are inspiring and we’re glad that you’ve found the Snap2Finish platform easy and quick to use to help you celebrate your family’s memories. We can’t wait to hear what else you create! Have fun celebrating the Snap!

-Helen Watt, Brand Champion for Snap2Finish

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