Celebrate the Snap!

Posted: June 14, 2018 | By: Lisa E

You know that feeling you have when you capture the perfect memory … in a SNAP?

Luckily with today’s technology we don’t have to wait for the film to be developed to see the picture. Even our kids are asking to look at it right away so they can relive the memory again. It’s so fun, right?

That’s what creating some quick and easy home decor pieces can do for you and your family, in your home, every day. They can instantly lift your spirts and take you right back to that place and time in your life when you captured that wonderful memory.

Snap2Finish offers lots of beautiful and timeless home decor options and this month I want to share more about our Metal Prints, which are also ON SALE. They are offered in a variety of sizes.

Our metal prints become eye-catching pieces of wall art with a vivid and bright finish to showcase every detail. Every print also comes with a sturdy floating fixture ready for wall mounting. You could also display them table top on an easel or create a wall collage with them for a bigger impact.

The easiest metal prints are created with one, single image. These can create a BIG impact in your home too! Simply upload your photo into your Snap2Finish account, drop it onto your project and add it to your cart. It’s so easy, you can even create this right from your smart phone. If you have several pictures consider making a collage of your favorite images.

Here’s a quick tutorial to show you how easily this can come together for you.

Have fun turning your special moments into lasting memories with Snap2Finish!

Helen Watt, 5 Star Executive
Snap2Finish Brand Champion

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