Celebrating the Piles!

Posted: September 26, 2019 | By: Lisa E

Do you have a collection of art like my friend, Renee? Would you love to get a handle on the piles of artwork from last year before this year’s projects start coming home?

Our children make the most beautiful creations and we’d love to keep them all – but that’s just not very realistic in our home. In fact, some artwork is created with macaroni noodles, recycled plastic and cardboard. They can really take up a lot of space!

Would you love an easy solution that will help you honor and celebrate your child while also taking up very little space in your home?

The cameras in today’s smart phones make it easier than ever to take beautiful pictures of your child’s art and put together a beautiful digital photo book in Snap2Finish. I recommend that you take your pictures in natural light for the best results.


We used a simple white background to bring focus to the artwork. The photo spaces can be easily ‘transformed’ to fit the shape of the art.

This art book will arrive in a few days and can be enjoyed over & over again. Your child might just LOVE IT more than you! Have fun celebrating the Snap!


– Helen Watt, Snap2Finish Brand Champion

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