Convention 2019 Award Winners

Posted: September 27, 2019 | By: Rocio Ramos

The red carpet was rolled out and the lights on stage shone bright at this year’s Awards Night Celebration. And with so many incredible individuals making a difference in their business, community, and lives of others, we wanted to take an evening to honor their great work, commitment, and perseverance. Congratulations to all of this years recipients!



The Presidential Award of Excellence is brightest award we present. The winner is hand-selected by Co-Founder Steve Wallach and President Dave Briskie as the Distributor(s) who most notably reflects the core values of Youngevity, including: honor, integrity, leadership, loyalty, and compassion. These words are taken seriously and deeply reflected on before determining our recipient.

JC & Lily Flores
JC & Lily Flores
Presidential Award of Excellence


The Trainer of the Year holds an honored place in the Youngevity. There’s no pursuit of personal glory in this award, it is a salute to the servant leader. The Trainer of the Year award is given each year to an associate who has shown extraordinary dedication—in terms of training and communication—to Youngevity field organizations, regardless of downline affiliation. Training and mentorship are the keys that help people get started on the right foot, get connected to the right resources, and gain the confidence they need to pursue success.

Dr. Harold Davis
Trainer of the Year


It is often said that charity begins at home. Community action and service in the individual places where we all live is part of “Being the Change That Is Needed in the World”, as Gandhi himself famously said. We believe we should get to know our charities and join them with our time and in service, not just our donations. The Be The Change Hero Award is presented to someone who embraces the spirit of our foundation, helping people in and around their community.

Alice & Allyson Frazier
Be the Change Hero Award


The Circle of Excellence award is presented to the Youngevity Associate who lives by a standard of excellence in their life and Youngevity business. They are focused on consistent growth, and building leaders. They hold events, they communicate, they lead, they engage in company promotions, and they are problem solvers. Their excellence shines through as they put points on the board every single day and always show up to win.

Dave & Trish Nabrotzky
Circle of Excellence

Brenda Gousset
Circle of Excellence

Carlos Perez
Circle of Excellence

Ted & Angela Soriano
Circle of Excellence


The Clutch award is inspired by an incredible man that we have looked up to for years. As a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, time after time Drew Pearson came through for his team in clutch moments, with game winning plays. This award goes to distributors who, like Drew, have shown extraordinary effort as team players and they always come through for others in those clutch moments. These are the people that you know you can always count on, the ones you can reach out to when it’s really important and you know they will always be there with selfless support.

Raymond & Yolanda Brown
Clutch Award

Deb Hull
Clutch Award


The Influencer Award is a tribute to someone who, by their actions, outreach, or example, has helped people achieve important changes in their own lives. The Influencers represent Youngevity in such a positive way that others look up to them, follow their lead, and are in turn influenced by their words and actions. They help build our culture of helpfulness and inclusivity.

Louise Adrian
Influencer Award

Pamela Anne Schwarz
Influencer Award


Some of the most inspirational people in life are those who have faced a significant challenge and come back even stronger. Our Rebound Award celebrates associates who have faced adversity with strength and determination and have come out on top. This award is named in honor of our good friend and former NBA All Star, Theo Ratliff, in honor of his determination to overcome the adversity he faced in his life.

Tracy Wagstaff
Rebound Award

Jeanette Anderson
Rebound Award


The Rising Star award is a both a nod to the present, but also a glimpse toward the future. This award is presented to an Associate who has exhibited great potential and is working on hitting their stride. Rising Star award winners have shown us just a glimmer of what you know is going to be a supremely successful future.

Zuleydi Castillo
Rising Star Award

Arlex & Janeth Ramirez
Rising Star Award

Allan Llaban
Rising Star Award


Oprah Winfrey said, “Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.” These words encompass our first-ever recipients of the Circle of Empowered Women Award. This award acknowledges women within Youngevity who have continued to encourage others, lead by example, and more importantly, live the life they want.

Congratulations to our award recipients: Sheryl Morley-Emord, Denice Chenault, Evelia Arriaza, Juliette Fardulis, Cynthia Flores, Louise Adrian, Jeanette Anderson, Kelsey Britton, Shelly Davis, Laura Dennison, Rene Davis, Helen Watt, Lily Carrillo Flores, Dr. Joanne Conaway, Debra Grant, Jonnie Taylor, Marla Farrage, Kathy Gonzalez, Paola Campa, Rocio Ramos, Kristen Weinacker, Sandy Horwitz, Annelise Brown, Dr. Melinda Silva, Dracy Dewar.

Circle of Empowered Women


The Circle of Honor represents an amazing group of people that are always reaching for the stars. They push themselves to rank advance and consistently work to maintain what they have achieved. To earn your way into the Circle of Honor you must either advance to a new leadership level (1 Star or above), and or consistently achieve your lifetime leadership rank 3 months in a row or 4 out of 6 during the qualification period. These individuals are an inspiration and the heart of Youngevity.

Black Diamond

S.M. Morley
Dr. Corey & Adrienne Gold
Denice and Tom Chenault


Dr. Luis & Evelia Arriaza


Scott & Juliette Fardulis


Ariadna Rodriguez
Brenda Gousset
Carlos Perez
Dave Nabrotzky
David & Elizabeth
Dora Ortiz
Eufrocina Lopez Hernandez
Juan Carlos & Lily Flores Marq
Julita Hernandez
Laura Scruby
Margarita Alexis Vasquez
Octaviano Gonzalez
Raymond and Yolanda Brown
Rosa Jimenez
Shannon Althouse


Amalia Munoz
Anne Parks
Brian & Jill Roach
Michael Battistelli
Paul Andrews
Ray Faltinsky
Richard Renton
Theodore R. Anderson


Andy & Phyllis Anderson


Allan C. Llaban
Cecilia Y Angel Linares
Colleen Walters
David or Rosemary Morley-Austi
Frances W. & Jan E. Jackson
Ian ma
Irma Conchita Garcia
Karla Hart
Louise Adrian
Marina Vazquez
Marisol Valdez
Mark Thomas
Norma Nivia Dominguez De La Cruz
Sandra Elsberg


Alicia & Jaime Madrigal
Alma Esperanza Rodriguez Lora
Antonio Velasquez
Brenda Wright
Carlos Alfredo Perez Jr
Celia Reynoso
Chaneta Lewis
Charlie L Smith Sr
Cheri Boles
Chris Ebersberg
Christina Lazaro
Cindy Mahar
Clare Kelway
Creative Health Solutions
Daniel Steele
Danielle Bortignon
David Goodall
Deb Campbell
Debra Grooms
Dona Garland
Donato Rubio Garcia
Dr. Joanne Conaway
Dr. Bettye Albritton
Dr. James Rouse
Elizabeth A. Toole
Emeola Curvey
Ester Ruiz
Estrella Olivares
Fidel Mitchell Nava Cintora
Floriberta Vasquez
Friday & Sherell Teah
Gladis N. Agraz
Glenda Moyer
GW German
Hal Hollman
Holly & Daniel Hodge
James R. Baker
Janet Alford
Janet Skeels
Jeanette Anderson
Jill McGrorty
John Toole
Jonathan McCollyer
Jorge Robles Lopez
Juan Sanchez
Juana Paynter
Judy Hoppe
Judy Mongelluzzo
Julio C Ramirez
Karen Chilman
Kelly Tan Wee Seng
Lany Sharp
Larry Sergent
Laurie Anderton
Linda Allen
Linda Moss
Lynn Griffin
Madrew Brewer
Margarita Ponce
Maria Del Pueblito Gonzalez Mendoza
Maria Del Socorro Aviles
Maria R Carter
Maribel Martinez
Martha DAnna
Martha Lorena Ambriz
Mineral Rich
Nathalia Tompkins
Nelia Castro
Norma Cruz
Pamela Anne Schwarz
Patricia Hetherington
Patti Roberts
Paula & Randy Sterrett
PowerN Tonya S
Prateek & Kimberly Saraswat
Rebecca DukesKozak
Rhonda & Phil Coons
Rich Cordle
Rick Voss
Rigoberto F Feliciano
Robert Kobarg Carol Mitchell
Roberta Brill
Ronald Randazzo Jr
Ruthellen & Jesus Sanchez
Sabino Lopez
Sally Muir
Sandra Lepe
Sharon Gibb Murdoch
Sharon Watkins
Shawn Centers
Sherry Dout
Sherry Zahn
Sheryl Santesson
Sheryl Stivens
Sheryllyn McClintock
Silvia Segovia
Steve Leaser
Steven Hayes
Sylvia Harris
Tracy Wagstaff
Trudy Calverley
Yuko Shiga

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