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Posted: August 27, 2018 | By: Youngevity

Youngevity Convention 2019 – Get Registered

Convention 2018 was a great success! As a special promotion, we announced that the next annual Convention is currently available at 50% OFF the regular price of $300. This special promotional price of $150 ends August 29th at 11:59pm PT so make sure you get your tickets now. And what’s even better? This promo is available to everyone! Just follow the steps below to get your ticket and register today.

How to Purchase Your Convention 2019 Tickets:

  • Step 1: Visit OR open YoungevityGo2 app, select “Business” tab (on the bottom-row navigation) and click Convention 2019.
  • Step 2: Click “Register”
  • Step 3: Select number of tickets you’re interested in purchasing from the drop-down menu and click “Order Now”
  • Step 4: Fill out payment information
  • Step 5: Fill out your name, email, billing address, etc
  • Step 6: Assign ticket 1 with “Reuse data from” and select “Order information”
  • Step 7: Add your Youngevity ID (and your mobile phone number, if you’re interested in receiving alerts)
  • Step 8a: For purchasing multiple tickets: For each additional ticket, enter new individual’s name, ID, email address
  • Step 8b: For purchasing multiple tickets under a single name: For each additional ticket, choose the option “Reuse data from” and select “Ticket 1”
  • Step 9: Check user agreement box
  • Step 10: Click “Order Now”

Have questions? Check out our quick FAQ below for answers!

Q: Can I Register from Another Country?
A: YES! We’ve already received registrations from Mexico, Canada, and Australia. As long as your billing address is exactly as it appears on the credit card you’re using, your registration should go through successfully.

Q: Can I purchase multiple tickets with just one email address?
A: YES! Plus, if you’ve purchased multiple tickets under the same name/info, you’ll be able to re-assign the tickets at a later date (i.e. Brian buys 3 tickets today and can give one to Craig and one to Betsy at a later date).

Q: I keep receiving an error message when I try to register – what should I do?
A: If you’re receiving an error message, please go back and review the information you submitted. Double-check the credit card number and address are matching up. Also check the email address is formatted correctly.

We’ve created some how-to videos here so you can see what the process looks like, both on desktop and mobile:


(Registering for Convention 2019 through web browser)


(Registering for Convention 2019 through mobile app, linking out to mobile registration experience)

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