Congratulations to our Better Health Now Grand Champions!

Posted: August 28, 2018 | By: Rocio Ramos

This year, the Better Health Now Challenge witnessed some incredible transformations. With three unique programs to help individuals with their health goals, so many saw incredible results by following the plan that worked for them.

This year, our four finalist lost over 350lbs combined! Still there could only be two Grand Champions… Congratulations Russell Williams and Jennifer Baker!


Jennifer Baker

Jennifer has been following the Keto 90 Plan since January of 2018 and has lost over 70lbs along the way! She’s transformed her mind, body, and soul! Learn more about Jennifer’s journey.








Russell Williams

Russell began the REV 90 Plan in January of 2018. During this time, he completed 3 cycles of the program to reach his health and weight loss goals. He’s now lost over 85lbs on the REV 90 Plan! Learn more about Russell’s journey.







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